Thursday, May 24, 2007

Job Troubles

So I got in trouble with my boss and apparently my hours were cut because my customer service skills received bad reviews. She didn't say this was the reason to my hours being cut, but I know this is why. Her getting on my case for this obviously made me mad, but I said nothing I just listened. She was only going off of what she was told because I've never worked with her.

The main reason I'm mad about this is because she was talking to me like I don't do anything at that place. It made me feel like crap because I'm always on time, I never complain, when someone calls in I'm usually the one who takes over their shift and when someone slacks off on their part I'm the one who picks up the slack without complaint. So for her to come at me like that really made me mad. Especially since I know that I am never rude to anyone that comes into that place and I always speak to every guest.

So as of that phone call I am back in the job search world. I'm not going to quit until I actually have another job. When I do get another job I have the mind to stop showing up without notice. That's wrong and I know it, but I truly believe that, that situation could have been handled better. I could tell her how I feel but I know for a fact that my attitude would get the best of me.

My friend is having the same problems with her job and boss too. So we are job hunting together.

Friday we have plans to go to the movies to see Pirates 3. That was supposed to be my day off, but once again I'm covering someone else's shift.

On a happier note my mom told me that we might be relocating to another state. I'm so happy about that. I can wait to leave this behind. I hope it actually happens. I wouldn't mind moving to New York.

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