Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Just Stuff

Well I had work today everything went fine.

The more time I spend alone with myself the more I learn about myself....Just a random thought of mine.

There is this guy at my work his name is James, I've always noticed how cute he is, but today he smiled the most boyish and mischievous smile I've ever seen. His smile made me smile. He's tall with dark short hair. He's handsome he looks like he might be in his late twenties early thirties. Overall he's a Cutie and he definitely stands out.......I guess a smile is what stands out to me the most.

Sometimes I feel like there is not a solution. When I get overwhelmed with life's little problems I feel like, "this is it, welcome to the rest of my life accept it because it wont get any better." I'm not really sure how to cope with that feeling. Its almost like this life is a dead end. When ever it hits me my first thought is to run away to a new place, but I never leave. I wish for once that I could. I want so much the feeling of freeness and spontaneity.

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