Monday, May 21, 2007

My Weekend

I went to see Shrek 3 on Friday. It was an okay movie. I like the fact that Justin Timberlake was apart of the cast. I think he did good.

I had to get up early on Saturday for work. I was tired my whole shift. On top of that my hours are still cut. If it happens a third week in a row then I'll ask about it.

I want a new job. I'm not sure I like the fact that the hours are different every single week. I want a set schedule. I'm back on the job search.

I also want to buy an exercise machine or go get another tattoo. The exercise machine would be for my legs and butt. The tattoo would probably be a re color of the one on my wrist. I'm not even sure they can do it. Its already pink I just want it to be changed to either blue or purple. Is it possible?

On Saturday I watched a movie called Mr. Holland's Opus, it was pretty good. The whole dedication ceremony at the end was very touching. I also watched Notes On a Scandal. I knew what it was about before hand, but even though I was expecting the events I was still very flabbergasted. Overall it was a good movie with great performances.

I dyed my hair on Sunday. Its Jet Black now. I've had it this color a few times before and I decided that it was time to go back to it.

My summer has already began and I can tell that the whole thing is going to suck. All my summers do. Me and my friends were talking about planning a road trip, but we've never talked about it with an actual attempt in doing it. So once again I'm in for another sucky summer. Even if I wanted to go on vacation I couldn't because as I said my work schedule always varies.

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