Saturday, May 26, 2007

Things Might Be Looking Up

My job situation is not getting any better. I now have a shift with the boss. She purposely planned it. She has one and only one time to come at me the wrong way. I will quit on the spot.

On a much much brighter note I have a job interview Wednesday at a marketing company. I'm told that if it goes well the interview can last up to 2 and a half hours. So my fingers are crossed for that. The job pays 15 dollars an hour (way more than what I'm getting now) and no experience is necessary. Sounds like my kind of job. My friend, the one who is also job hunting, has an interview with them too. Hopefully we both get it.

If I get this job I'm leaving the hotel without notice. I just found out that another one of the workers is leaving too. Her reason is that she found a better paying job. So now I have the feeling that the boss is going to need all the workers she can get and when she needs them most no one is going to be there.

I really hope this interview goes well so I don't have to work another week at the place I'm at now. Cross your fingers for me.

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