Saturday, June 2, 2007

I Finally Quit

All of my job troubles at the hotel are over. I quit a few days ago. I'm not yet sure how I feel about it. Usually when I quit a job I feel relieved, this time I don't feel anything. Oh well. The only minor downside to my quitting would be the fact that I'll no longer get to see the infamous smiles of Justin and James.

Me and some friends got together and we chilled, it was nothing special but we hardly ever get together so I thought I'd mention it. One of them bought some Smirnoff and they were having a good old time with it I don't drink so I  just watched the events as they took place. They tell me, jokingly of course, that I'm a square. I'm not I just think people do stupid things when they drink and I'm choosing not to be apart of that.

I've been putting in applications left and right, most of them online, but hopefully I get a call back soon. I'll need money if I ever plan to get out of this suffocating city.

I went to Best Buy and bought Maroon 5's new CD, It Wont Be Soon Before Long and I have to admit that the first time I listened to it, I hated it. I usually know that I like a song within the first few lines, but with this CD I just wasn't feeling it. I am now happy to say that I listened to the whole thing a second time and I'm completely in love with this CD just as I was with the first one. Way to go guys!


....Very sexy picture!!

Speaking of a comeback band I was searching around on the web earlier and I came up on some more rumors of Matchbox Twenty getting back in the booth for a new album, I really hope its true and that it happens soon. 

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travler25 said...

I just stopped in to see how others did their blog. I am new to blogging!
I think you have done well with yours. I think you will do well with your job search.
If I may give you a little advice, when you are called in for an interview, just before you go in  / think of something funny! You will go in with a genuine smile and it will show through! Good Luck !!