Thursday, June 7, 2007

Random Stuff

I'm watching The First Daughter with Katie Holmes and I have to admit that I actually like this movie. I don't usually like romantic stuff, but lately I've been a little wrapped up in it mostly because I don't have that. Another thing I cant help but mention is that the guy, Marc Blucas, looks very nice in jeans.

Since were on the topic of the guy when I found out that he was apart of the security team I was beyond shocked, I still am. This reminds me of the other movie where the same events happened with the whole undercover agent and all, but I wasn't shocked in that movie. I think it was called Chasing Liberty.

Last night I watched Spanglish. I love that movie. My favorite part is the part where Paz Vega and Adam Sandler are on the beach conversing about life with children and the choices they have to make as parents, its cute. I like the emotion in that scene. I also liked the touch of humor. (Paz standing in the wind)

There's a sonic commercial where they were talking about tea and the the guy in the passenger seat said something about there being 48 letters in the alphabet.....hilarious!

I was watching Rob Thomas' live performances on YouTube (Solo and Matchbox 20) and the thing I love about him is that he seems passionate about what he does. He also seems to enjoy it. I hardly ever see anyone that shows passion for what they do, so I admire Rob for that. I want to know what drives him or what drives anyone with that passion.

I wish to know that kind of passion.

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