Wednesday, June 27, 2007


So I'm realizing that I don't at all like this job. The pay is crap and I DO NOT like working with people. I need to find a job where I have very little to no interaction with people. I'm not a people person.

I'm also realizing that the older I get the suckier my 'life' becomes. One of my friends is moving up in her life she has a car and she's moving into her own apartment in a few months. She has support though her mom doesn't take her money. In fact her mom does the complete opposite. Her mom actually has to sneak her money because she wants to help her out. Don't get me wrong Im extremely happy for my friend and I wish only the best for her.

Then there's me no car, sucky job, sucky pay, no where near moving out and a mother who cant keep her hands out of my pockets. Yay me. Yay this life I'm living. I want to get unstuck. I know life isn't easy nor is it supposed to be........but seriously.

I really want to cry right now, but I cant. If there is a way out please let me know because I have yet to find it.

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