Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Decisions Decisions

Its been a while since I've last wrote. A lot has happened. I'm not quite sure where to start.

I had a fight with one of my friends. It was so stupid It made me pretty mad, but everything is fine now.

My other friend asked me to move in with her for only 100 dollars  a month. Not bad. The only reason I probably wont is because I don't have a car but when I get the financial aid back from school maybe I can get one at the end of August.

As much as I want to move out I don't want it to be premature. I cant really explain it but I want to ready on all levels. Maybe I can move in second semester when I have a car so I wouldn't have to rely on her for rides to and from work or school. I just don't want to be a burden.

I cant go to that other university because I only have 21 credits instead of 24. I really don't care anymore since things seem to be moving along nicely here. Who knows how long this feeling will last.

I've always told myself that when I do get a car that I was going to leave first chance I get. I guess we'll see.

The boss from my old job at the hotel called and told me that I had to come pick up my last check. I don't have a problem with finding a way to get there but its what she said that made me mad. She said something along the lines of her not seeing me so the check has just been sitting there.

She said it like it was my fault that its been siting there in her office. How the hell am I supposed to know I have a check there unless someone tells me. When I was working there my checks were deposited I didn't have to worry about picking them up. And as far as her not seeing me, why would she? I no longer work there and I don't hang out at hotels.

So it turns out that my new job has one benefit. I get 15% off of my Sprint bill. When I found out I was happy because I could be putting that money toward something else like an apartment or a car.

I ran the idea of me moving out past my mom and the first thing she said was, "Can I sill claim her on my taxes?" Then she said, "Don't tell your daddy because once he hears that you might be moving out then he doesn't have to pay child support anymore and I need it."

Then she tears up and says that she doesn't want me to leave. So I told that the only reason she doesn't want me to leave is because of the money she might be missing out on. She admitted it, then told me that I wont be able to make it on my own.

My birthday is coming up and my mom is doing anything special for me and my friend slash possible roommate knows how my mom is and she told me that her mom would go to dinner with me. I love her mom so much.

I'll be twenty on Sunday. I'm almost no longer a teenager.

I need someone to help me and tell me what they would do or what they think I should do. I don't want to fail on my first chance at life.

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