Wednesday, August 8, 2007


I haven't written in a while so I thought I'd jot a few lines.

I finally have my own cell phone plan separate from my moms. Now I don't have to worry about her running up the bill. I really do hate her most of the time.

School is about to start soon. I wish I didn't have to go. I really hate it. I don't like the people, I don't like homework and I don't like getting up early. Since I don't have a car the only time I have a ride is in the morning. I cant go to evening classes because my mom is STILL in school herself and her classes are in the evening. Its stupid.

I'm still looking for my way out of this place. Still haven't found it, which is not surprising seeing as how its me who is looking.

I found out that my 16 year old sister is making out with 24 year old guys in parks. She also drinks with said guys. I used to care about what she did but now I really don't give a fuck. I had the talk with her and everything I told her I'm here as long as she didn't lie to me and all that crap, but she lied to me about her extracurricular activities so its not my problem. I sincerely mean that. She's not my responsibility anyway, I'm just related to her.

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