Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I don't like people who need reassurance all the time about every little thing. Its stupid. I don't understand it and it makes me mad.


I bought a new cell phone about 2 weeks ago. I'm still having a hard time operating it seeing as how it has two sides.

Our house is a mess. There are boxes everywhere everything is packed and pushed to the side. My room is not all the way packed yet. It should be because were moving in less than two weeks. I still haven't told my boss.

Speaking of work. I am now working full time. The other full time girl quit and I picked up her hours. I was second pick for her hours because they offer them to the person with seniority, that chick didn't want them because she has two kids and no one to watch them.

My friend and I went to the haunted houses The Beast and The Chambers or something like that. I usually try to go at least once every year. I haven't had that much fun ever. I want to go again. It was a crazy night.

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ncannon4lyfe87 said...

Who needs reassurance? It frustrates me as well.