Friday, December 7, 2007

Nothing At All

I love this song I first heard it at the beginning of the movie Closer (Julia Roberts Jude Law Clive Owen Natalie Portman) or something of the like.

So I quit my job a while ago and surprise surprise I've yet to find a new one. I've applied to every place in walking distance of our new house at least three times to each place and I got nothing. Well that's not necessarily true I did have two or three interviews here and there. The most recent one was on Tuesday.

She said that the background searches should take about three days then they'll be making callbacks for drug screenings and if you pass you're offered the job. So I should be hearing....scratch that....I'm hoping to receive a call later on today or tomorrow. (I'm waiting by the phone)

It was a group first time experiencing one of those. I spoke a good share I guess I could have...done better...tried harder....cared more.....but I didn't so...should haves...would haves and...could haves are pointless.

I feel stuck in life. Its like I'm getting nowhere everything is becoming pointless and I'm willing to admit that I feel as if I need some assistance some guidance if you will, but who doesn't every now and then. I feel vulnerable admitting such a thing. I'll regret it in the morning. Kind of like a hangover.

On the good side its another day closer to the Matchbox Twenty concert.  (I'm coming guys!!)

Until Next Time.....

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