Sunday, April 6, 2008

Umm...Where to start.....Oh.

I'm off for five days in a row. Its good because I don't have to get up at various hours its bad because I don't get paid if I don't work, but its cool.

I bought this CD a few months ago and I never really gave it a fair chance. I'm still not. Its a little too death metal-ish. Its just too loud. Its starts off slow then on comes a boom that sounds a little like you're dying.


There's nothing new in my life. So yes, it still suck, but I thought I'd blog about it.

I bought the Sweeney Todd movie. I think my sister watches it more than I do, which, by the way has to stop. I'm not too fond of her. The older she gets the more I loath her entire being. Not just her though, most everyone in my life.

Lets let the topic today be liars. I know this person whom I swear is missing chunk out of their brain. She just lies about everything...okay well maybe not everything, but it sounds more extreme. I just don't get it.

Its not so much what she lied about I couldn't care less about that issue, but it just the fact that she felt she had to lie. When I told her how I felt she said this and I quote, "Okay I might sound crazy don't hold it against me. I did it because I want what you have. A nice guy to spend time with. And the way you talk about it. It seems like I could never have that. So I thought if I told you that ***** you would change your mind about him, but you didn't. That's why I lied"

Then she goes on with the apologies. When she sent that to me via text message that to me I couldn't help, but feel like she saying she lied because of me. So that upset me a little, but whatever fuck it.

What else is new??......Ummm

I went to see 21. That man, the leading one, is SEXY. I wouldn't mind seeing that movie again. It was good.

That's it, it seems.

Until Next Time...Jessica.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Sweeney Todd came out on DVD today!!

Cant wait to buy it.