Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Oh Woe....

So for no particular reason lets start this off by saying life sucks. Life---A strange, inconvenient, and unpopular place where people bring you things you do not want or like. Okay moving on.

So its said that New Aged thinking suggests or insists that obstacles and difficulties that befall us during our lives are in reality no more than opportunities in disguise.....Lets let it linger a bit, eh?

My mom thinks we should start going to church again. I havent been to church in years. I dont like church, its long and boring. I mean all it really is, is a building erected for ecclesiastical fundraising.....There is much more to be said here but I dont think the world is ready for my cynical rants because after all faith is the tactical avoidance of the truth and all that is probable.

I was thinking about life because thats what I do and while in my thoughts the word longevity popped up. Then I got to thinking of the definition of the word and its use. Longevity is used to denote the length or duration of the life of an animal or plant, often used to indicate an unusually long life....Who is responsible for that word? Longevity, its just an extension for the fear of death.

Until Next Time...Jessica.

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