Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It seems that I've been by these parts often as of late. Maybe I'm troubled.

I'm not sure what to say so I guess I'll just start by saying that I was off today. Yay. I didn't do much, just went to a movie with some friends. We went to see the new Adam Sandler movie. Adam looked good...enough said.

I believe that I'm off tomorrow as well. I'm a little happy about that. I just so happen to have a few ideas as to what I would like to do. I'd share with the world but its a little x-rated...jk.

I was thinking of dying my hair again...surprise surprise. I wont do it, although I probably should my hair is a crazy color right now.

Today I couldn't help but notice how familiar everything is. All the things, people and places surrounding me are things that I know all too well. Its time for a change not like its ever going to happen, but I can say it.

Lately all I've been hearing is silence...metaphorically. I could be sitting in a room full of people, sounds and all things of the like, but not here a thing. I cant really say why that is. I haven't really been wanting to do anything. I haven't really the desire to either. The only thing I want to do is get the heck out of here and never look back.

I need direction I'm caving in and I don't feel it. I'd say that Im comfortably numb, but how would that sound? Not like I care either way because in the end none of it matters.

I'm aggravated for no good reason...straight out from underneath. When it comes to pass all the good slips away. Forget the lights things look dirty when they're on.


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