Sunday, June 8, 2008

Its pretty late or extremely early depending on how you look at it and surprise surprise I cant sleep, although I probably didn't give it a fair try.

Now that I think about it my restlessnees might be due to the Chai Hai Monster I drank earlier. In any event I thought I'd ramble a bit so here goes...

Work was long and uneventful. I had a headache for the last hour or two of my shift. On the upside, if such things exist, I have tomorrow off.

I think its funny how people try to tell you what's good for you as if they know, then make decisions with 'your best interest' in mind. Oh well. I guess you cant penalize a person for 'trying to help' right?

I know this guy and I swear he's my favorite person, we are completely opposite and exactly the same he's like my soulmate....we're talking about spontaneity slash acting on impulse and somehow we got to talking about The Libertine and how he, in the movie, lived his life on impulse.

I haven't really thought it out so don't hold anything against me, but I'm not sure that it relates because the character arguably despised life and everything about it, but if those two were to relate does impulse and hating life coexist as well? Of course not, but I've still more thinking to do on the topic.

On a larger scale if acting on impulse feels right and said act is legal and doesnt involve me in anyway whatsoever then go for it...within reason of course.

Seacrest Out!


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