Friday, June 6, 2008

Out of all my years living I've decided that I like the part of life where the spaces are big, the moments are quiet and the sky is dark. I cant really explain it.

I've learned that one life just aint enough. Shame on the things that I'd be if you could complicate me.

What purpose does human emotion serve? I mean we can react to things all day long, but in the end it changes nothing, making them ultimately pointless to have i.e. the appendix or spleen.

Would being actually be being if emotion didn't exist?  I guess were better off with them, not like I'll ever know otherwise.

There's way more to be said here. Like the role emotions play on mentality, but I rather not get into it. You understand right?

Jessica...Wholly Understated.

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tibet3856 said...

I like your entry and can relate  Please get back to me  I am new at this thing an do not know if I reac h you     And--I type badly     Jack