Friday, September 12, 2008

Whenever I decide to sit down and blog nothing comes out. I'm just going to dive in.

I've been talking to a thirty something year old man. Yea, moving on.

I watched the VMAs Sunday. It wasn't as good as it was last year. I like the fact that Russell Brand was the host. I'm pretty fond of that man. He did well.

While we're on the topic, I think people should stop being so dramatic about the whole promise ring thing. It was all for the sake of comedy. He's a comedian and that's what comedians do. Get over it. It was immature for Jordin Sparks to say what she said. She's stupid for taking it personally and so is anyone else making a big deal out of nothing.

They cut hours at work. Nothing new there, for it happens every other week. Someone needs to get it together.

My sister is 18 now. She's happy because she's no longer jail bait. We took her to a strip club the weekend of her birthday. She didn't like it because for one there were no male strippers. On top of that we all pitched in to buy her a lap dance. She freaked out.


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