Monday, October 20, 2008

Random Writings.

We're in the proccess of moving. We've know about it for a while, but for some reason we are just now starting to pack. We have to be out by next Monday. I hate packing and moving. I have to do it again a month after this move.

I paid all my bills off this morning. It feels good not having that in the back of my mind, but shit do I hate it. As the saying goes, "When did we grow up? and How do we make it stop?"

Im moving out in November. Im excited, but I need to get a car before then. It shouldnt be too hard as I've been saving for one. I dont have one now because Im a horrible HORRIBLE driver. I've already totaled one car about three years ago after that I just stopped driving. I guess its time to hop back on the horse. Its like riding a bike right? Or was that the saying for sex?? One can never remember.


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