Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hes Been Invited.

Earlier today, while I was at work I got an e-mail from David, via cell phone, telling me that he found my blog and that he wanted to write in it.

I don't mind that he found it or that he wants to post from it, I'm just wondering how he found it, its not like it gets lots of traffic or anything. I'll have to ask him.

Oh well...I've invited him to post. It should be fun. Months ago we shared a blog on MySpace, but we've since deleted it...I forget why.

Things are about to get interesting...


1 comment:

Unbroken said...

Hi Jessica! Found you linked to my blog... I'm always curious about who reads me and I am often surprised - especially when I find someone young and single to be a reader (since I write about the problems with my marriage!). I've started reading through your blog and thought I'd say Hi.