Monday, November 3, 2008

Interesting Story...

I'm off tomorrow. I'm happy about that, for I hate to work.

I'm currently addicted to the song Angels On The Moon by Thriving Ivory. Even though his voice kind of freaks me out. Its so different from his speaking voice. Its crazy...I love it. The lyrics are so good. I'm ALL about lyrics.

I start school November 17. I'm kind of excited, which will soon wear thin I'm sure.

Interesting story. Well not really interesting, but a story nonetheless. I was talking to some bloke...whom of which I haven't known for that long. We're new acquaintances if you will. Anyway he says to me,

"You know for someone as sexy as you are, you sure have a real bad attitude."

I don't deny it, but my problem with the situation is the fact that I haven't yet introduced him to my 'bad attitude.' It was frustrating. I hardly know him. Oh well.

I spoke to Rob today. Rob is David's roommate. I miss seeing the both of them. It was good times when they were around. I bring it up because right after David and I broke it off Rob sends me a text saying:

-Just so you know sweetheart, I want you. I want to tongue fuck you until you come in my mouth.-

Sounds nice huh? Yes. I didn't reply back. I would never. I didn't take it too seriously. Rob loves his ladies and he doesnt hide that bit. Interesting fact about him: He writes erotic poetry and surprisingly he's good at it. He has a profile on Literotica.

I'm rambling.

Ah yes...the conversation with Rob. We did the usual small talk, but immediately after he brings up the time he walked in on David and I doing the deed. He didn't really walk in. He was let in. I'll tell the story.

David and I rushed into his apartment and straight to his room because the situation was urgent. As soon as we got in we closed the door and started ripping off our clothes, which didn't take long. Once the clothes were away we slowed the tempo a bit he laid me on his bed and teased me with his fingers and tongue. (He drives me absolutely insane) Theres only so much of that I can take before actual penetration is needed. He took pleasure in sending me over the edge.

Finally he leans over me and inserts the head of his penis, slowly filling me completely. I wrapped my legs around him, he picked me up and walked me over to the wall next to the door and started thrusting. He pulled all the way out to the tip and pushed back in with a slow force. His lips were resting on my own. I could feel him smile. He knew I craved him. We were in our own world of perfect pleasure when all of a sudden...

Rob knocks on the door. "Dave is the iron in there?" As if that wasn't enough David answers back, "Its on the desk." Not only does he answer back he reaches over and opens the door giving a head motion towards the desk.

David wasn't phased by it at all, for his pace never changed. I'm still flabbergasted to this day.

Rob brings it up as often as he can. He's such an arse. He loves to annoy me, but that's okay I've seen him in action as theres a story to tell.


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