Saturday, November 15, 2008

Snow In The Forecast.

Last night I got off early enough to see the last showing of Role Models with Sean William Scott and Paul Rudd. First off those men are not bad looking. Second it was a pretty good movie.

My friends seem to think I'm most like Paul Rudd's character in the fact that he is a realist miserable in life. I'll agree that describes me. I don't find motivation in anything on top of that I don't entertain things that are not probable. I'm not into ideals. I'm more of a person who takes things as they are or appear to be. I'm straight forward not one to sugar coat.

I wish I was off today, but no not me I have to work everyday of every weekend. It fucking sucks on top of that I'm really starting to loath my job entirely. I mean I already hate it. I don't like the managers, one in particular. Like I said before I need a new job.

In other news...literaly...snow is in the forecast. Perfect metaphor for life.

You lose some then you lose some more.


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