Thursday, December 25, 2008

Embrace The Escape.

I guess I will start this one off by saying Merry Christmas to you and yours...I mean it.

This post will be pretty random, but no surprise there.

I am capable of caring about a person one minute and completely writing them off the next not caring at all what happens to them...loathing their entire being with venom on my tongue...without thinking twice and I am whole-heartedly fine with it...I mean that more.

Yesterday I cared, today I dont and probably wont for a while.

I bought a new book called the host. I didn't read the back of it, but I figured since I liked the author how bad can it be....we will see. I also bought a book for my lovely cousin, she is an avid reader as well. I wish more people took joy in reading.

I have been delving into the world that is Mark far so good.

The thing I like most about the holidays is the family time, because for the few hours we are all in the same house nothing else matters except food and laughter. All troubles are aside.

It is safe to say that people only know about me what I let them know. No one really knows, most times I don't even know. I bring it up because I was having a conversation where the person I was speaking to assumed where I stood on a certain topic....well, I have been there and I have done three states.

This is my first Christmas without my grandma.

I am the type of person who falls for written words...I suppose that is why I love reading and even writing every now and then. I am a lover of the written word. I embrace any escape offered by it. Speaking of, I have been spending an awful lot of time here in the blog world.

I am becoming infatuated with reading the minds of strangers.


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