Saturday, December 20, 2008

Live and Learn.

Back when I was younger, in middle school, I used to hate winter breaks because that would be a whole two and a half weeks I didn't get to see my crush...and to think that was the worse of my times I wish I could go back to that. Nowadays just trying to cope is enough to put me off.

Welcome to adulthood...sorry, no jackets.

I was thinking that I need a change. A physical/environmental one rather than mental. I believed I've done all the mental changing and maturing allowed on my own...I cant explain that any better, though I'm sure there is a lot of maturing to be had on my part. I'm young.

I'm learning that it doesn't pay to be negative.

I am 21 and I am sleep deprived. I cannot sleep on my in without assistance. Dark circles are trying to make their mark. I have a few days off, I am determined to sleep. If I cannot I will be spending a few days away from home to a land where sleep is in fact, possible.

As CMJ mentioned, tis the season for reading. Reading is my absolute favourite. I, not only welcome, but love love love the temporary escape from reality. I went shopping yesterday in hopes of finding a seemingly good book to indulge luck, but all is not lost. The search continues today after work, if I have time as my Sunday seems to be full...and to my dismay at no point do I get to see Joe. How I miss thee. Let me count the ways....later.



Unbroken said...

Since you’re linked to my blog, I keep stopping by here to see what you’re writing about. It’s been a long time since I was 21 and I keep thinking things were simpler back then. Maybe not (since I try to be honest with myself).

But then, I never saw things quite so bad. You seem angry rather often. And not sleeping seems to indicate other issues. And yet you have someone who turns you’re world upside down when you’re in bed (or wherever it might be that you connect).

I am not going to offer solutions as I have gotten in trouble when doing that in the past. But I thought I’d let you know I’m reading and I truly hope you can find some balance. You’re too young – you have your whole life ahead of you. I hope you can find what it is that makes you happy. And then go get it!

WordSnMotioN21 said...

What Jessica had a crush???Lol J/K I know where sleep is in fact possible for you. I've heard many great things about this land. lol Reading is great! But you went shopping without me lol