Wednesday, December 24, 2008


It has been brought to my attention that I am often angry...I admit it. I am an angry person . Angry for no good reason, though I can probably name several moot reasons...I will not bore you, no worries, but I will say that I am working on it.

Earlier today I was having a sit down with my sister and she is more like me than I realized, which is not a good thing...for works for me.

As of late she has been showing the whats the point mentality and I don't like it.

Recently she put herself out there and it didn't go over too well and she vows never to do it again for fear of it happening again....because well, whats the point?

I don't want her to close herself off. She is becoming negative about relationships and things of the like. I don't want that for her. I want her to know and the ups, downs and lessons it has to offer. She is but 18, too young to think such things.


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Unbroken said...

Nothing wrong with anger – sometimes it just feels better to be angry. I’m sure you have your reasons ;-)

And life’s lessons? Hopefully they are lessons and you can learn from them. You may as well learn something from the bumps you hit as you walk down your path.

My son is almost your age and he’s been hitting some bumps – but he’s getting better at recovering and moving on. It helps because he has some good friends for support. They help out each other.

Seems maybe you and your sister might be able to lean on one another. But now I’m giving advice and I said I wouldn’t do that. So instead I’ll wish you a Merry Christmas!