Saturday, December 6, 2008

Three Ideas.

I was reminded of another moment.

This happened the day after his back brace came off, which was on for about two or three months.

"Lets wait a week." I knew he wouldn't go for it.

"It cant."

I was worried about his back. I knew for a fact that he was not ready for the sex he had in mind.
"Let me do the work. I dont want you to hurt yourself."

Pushing him back on the bed, I climbed on top of him. We were face to face. I could see the urgency in his eyes...I could also see that he was not going to let me control. There would be no teasing this night. I leaned down to kiss him. He growled at the contact and flipped us over. Within two seconds I was on the bottom and his mouth was heavy on my own, brusing my lips.

He slipped his hand around my waist and eased into me...slow and shallow...minutes later I came, biting down on his lip. It never takes much for my release...not to mention the level of arousal was increased by the wait.

He smiled and said, "Still want to wait?"

He pulled me to the edge of the bed and...thrusting slowly...he looked down with a lazy smile, "I have three ideas. Don't move."

He dropped to his knees.

His tongue started working rapidly over my clit. He wouldn't let up despite my tortured moans. He held my hips keeping me in his reach causing me to shuddered uncontrollably.

"You moved."
"Kiss me." I did. There are very few things I deny that man sexually. He was moving inside of me again, only this time with more need than before. We moved from the bed to the chair...from the chair to the desk.

Sitting in the chair in front of me he says, "That makes four." He put my hands on either of his shoulders and my feet on the arms of the chair. "Stay just like this." Once again his mouth was glued to my clit. His tongue was working circles while his teeth were biting me...all slow. It was the perfect balance of pleasure and pain...I was no longer in my right mind. I never knew pleasure like this. I started trembling he tightened his grip on me, but didn't stop.

His plan, it seemed was to kill me. I would die of too many orgasms...Orgasm overdose. Just as number five was completely taking over all of my senses, he winced...I was digging my nails into him. To avoid doing that a second time...I started to move my hands...Only to have them placed back on his shoulders, "Just like this."

I begged him to stop. It was too much. I was almost sure that I would die. He didn't stop. Instead he carried me back to the bed and fucked me. He fucked me like it was our last night he would never see me his life depended on it...he fucked me.

Six/Two. He collapsed and moved to my side.

Breathless he speaks, "Are you ready to hear my three ideas?"


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WordSnMotioN21 said... all i can say. Wait I lied. This seems like the best sex ever!! And the last part about hearing the three ideas..i had to roll a little bit.