Monday, December 15, 2008

We Meet Again...Contd.

His fingers were dipping in and out of me. I was squirming in my seat. I had to have him. The ride to his house seemed like a drive across country. I didn't want to wait. I crawled over to him.

I kissed the corner of his mouth then his neck. He was trying desperately to keep his eyes on the road. I straddled him.

"I missed you more." I whispered in his ear. I felt his whole body stiffen under mine. He took one hand off the wheel and lifted the back of my shirt. His hand slid up and down my back before stopping at the nape of my neck. He kissed me...deep and long. It was a few minutes before I realized that we were pulled over.

"Promise..To...Show...Me." He managed to say between kisses.

I shook my head. Not wanting to break our kiss.
He pulled my face from his, "Tell me."

"I promise." He kissed me again.
"Jessica, you have to stop because I wont. Unless...
"Drive fast."

I got off of him...reluctantly.

After what seemed like hours we were parked outside of his apartment. As soon as the keys were out of the ignition he was out the truck. He extended his hand towards me. I inched over to him and put my hand in his as he led me in the door and to his room. Closing and locking it behind him. He stopped with his back against the door.

I walked towards him and rested my hand on his chest. He grabbed my hand and kissed my fingers....something he does when his mind is clouded and words are lost. We stood in silence...until he scooped me up and laid me on the bed.

He climbed on top of me and kissed me. One of his arms was supporting his weight while the other strategically removed my t-shirt.

He was teasing me. He would kiss me deep then let up. His free hand played across my body...rubbing, caressing...massaging. I moaned into his mouth. Somewhere in my frenzy he removed his clothes...good...I hate waiting for him. He was on top of me again this time positioning his self for entry...He was taking too long.

"David." I whined, cutting him off and pulling him to me.
He eased into me and stopped letting me adjust to him. He put his arm under me and pulled me closer to his body then he started moving...just how I like it...always how I like it.

He grunted when I started contracting around him. He pulled me to the edge of the bed and his head disappeared between my legs. He was attacking my clit, mercilessly all while holding me in place.

He is my drug.

He came up smiling and lead me to the chair. He sat down then I sat on him with my back facing him. He whispered,
"Wait for me." I nodded.

Sweaty, we came together.

"Don't come outside like that again." He tells me.


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