Tuesday, December 29, 2009

TMI Tuesday #219- Last of '09

TMI Tuesday #219- Last of '09

1. On a scale of 1-10, how good was your 2009?
It was about a 3.

2. What are your favorite/naughtiest/sexiest/most fun 2009 memories?
Getting the nips pierced is probably my favorite. I love em!

3. What’s the one thing you thought you would never do, but did in 2009?
Not quit my job.

4. What do you want to change in 2009?
Lots of things. Missed opportunities.

5. What is your all-time favorite gift (whether given or received by you)?
My Palm Pre.

Bonus (as in optional):
On special holidays- like birthdays, anniversaries, ringing in the New Year -are you more inclined to do a sex act that you wouldn't "normally" do? (things like fellatio/cunnilingus, anal sex, strap-ons/toys, videoing yourself/pictures, menage-a-trois/quatres, etc.)

I don't need a 'special' occasion to get freaky.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


A lot of you want a nipple update. Theres not much to say really. The first night sleeping was a little like hell. The dull pain turned into a throbbing problem. Eventually I gave up and took a Tylenol and a Unisom. Everything after that is history.

No pain now just healing and cleaning.

Monday, December 21, 2009


I am now feeling the effects of not having been laid in a long time. No headaches, just restless and a little irritable. Ron, you're right it is too bad we're not closer. Oh the possibilities. -wink-

No work today. I went to spend time with the family. It is always good to see them.

I finally went out and go my nipples pierced. The guy who did it, is an absolute fox. Pierced and tattooed...just like I like 'em. He also had a beard...bonus. I wanted to clear the room and express my gratitude for his existence. Wow.

About the actual piercings. It was not as bad as he made it seem. Much worse than the bridge piercing I used to have, though. My sister was kind enough to go with me and hold my hand the entire time. Shes a doll, that one. Now its just a dull sting. Not at all unbearable, at least its consistent.

He complimented my tits on more than one occasion. Overall the experience was really good.

Monday Music.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Today I couldn't stop thinking about Lover. It wasn't random out of the blue thoughts, no. These thoughts were provoked by Fine For No Reason...who has a black eye.

I don't know if I mentioned, but Lover is a fighter. Not professionally, no. Lover is a street fighter. He has a short short fuse, not to mention it's fun for him. Apparently he's good at it, he was approached a few different times to do MMA...or something.

Rob the Roommate told me that last bit. He's a jewel, that one.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


I've been reading and following a lot of new-to-me blogs lately and it has reminded me that I've not been laid in a long long time.

Usually it would bother me, but I haven't really had time to sit down and think about it, with work and all. I cant even remember the month of the last time I got down and dirty, which should say something, but seeing as how I cant remember shit anyways...its no surprise.

As soon as work slows down I'm signing myself up for a sex marathon...or something.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Random Things.

The Hangover came out yesterday. I had to go buy it. It is the funniest movie I've seen in a long time. Plus that Bradly Cooper is a real fox, a little pretty for my usual taste though. That movie makes me miss Vegas. I plan to go back during spring break. Cant wait. Who wants to come?

Four days ago I was dead set on calling in this day, but no. I found out that I'm working with a mighty cool chick tonight so I'm going in. I need the money anyway. The bills wont pay themselves and those college application fees are insane, but I get it.

Yesterday I woke up and opted for juice instead of my usual coffee. I thought I was doing a good thing, but the headache that showed up at around three told me I did a bad bad thing.

I need to comb my hair.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

TMI Tuesday #217.

1. Have you ever mooned/flashed anyone? How long ago?
Yeah, I have. It was a while ago...back when I was spending the majority of my time with Lover. We used to do a lot of fun things together. I almost miss him, the way he used to be. I flashed him at his job, he chased me throughout the building. Thinking back on it, it must have been quite interesting for the few workers that were there seeing their hard ass of a boss jumping over tables without knowing why.

2. Pick an animal that best displays your personality.
I took a quiz a while ago that said I was Wolf-like, but I tend to see myself as a Black Panther/Jaguar type they seem more lethal, but really what do I know about animals?

3. Do you mail out holiday cards, and if so, how do you pick the list?
No. If I'm bored I might forward a reply to a text message, but that rarely happens. When I do it's either 'back at ya' or 'ditto' something generic and unfeeling...I don't want to accidentally start a conversation or anything.

4. How often do you wear something sexy to get attention (lingerie, low cut dress, silk boxers, etc...)?
Not very often...if at all. The LP Guy is into that stuff so we will see. For him I will. He's my favorite.

5. Have you ever tasted breast milk SINCE you were an adult?

Bonus: Do you like "talking" when you have sex?

Sex is not the time for coherent speaking.

Double Bonus: If Santa is a guy, how is it that he never seems to get lost?
The Reindeer...duh. Not to mention the navigation system he probably has built into the sleigh, but really when you think about it...he really doesn't need one. He hits every house, takes out his compass, then goes north. Old St. Nick is not an average man, that much is clear.

Monday, December 14, 2009


I have a nagging feeling that I've done something wrong, but I cant remember what it was. It's been sitting in the pit of my stomach for the past two days. As hard as I try I cannot figure out what I did, which doesn't matter anyway....Cant undo the past, but still...It's distracting.

I wish it would go away. Its annoying.

In other news I had work today...big surprise, right? Fine For No Reason was there and when I said I was over it...I meant it, but I don't know how to explain it. I am still very aware of him, but now its like he knows I've lost interest and were avoiding each other like the plague or better yet like two magnets of the same pole. It is very weird. I've not experienced anything like this.

I wish it would stop. Its annoying.

Monday Music.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Its Official.

I passed math....with a C!

I am so relieved. As of now I don't have to change my major and I get to graduate on time. Its a good feeling knowing that something worked out for me. It wasn't without great effort though. I have one more math class left...for this particular field of study.

Once I pick a new school. I am thinking seriously about double majoring or minoring in something else....just as sort of a backup plan. Meaning I want to actually work in the field I chose.

Enough about school stuff.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow Day.

I got to spend the better part of the day with mi ma. She's a teacher. We watched Closer with Jude Law. What a fox, that one. Clive Owen wasn't half bad either, though a bit of a perv he was. Anyways she stood up to look out the window and said, "Its twelve degrees out there."...Since when is she a chief meteorologist? I had to laugh. The crazy thing is she was only two degrees off.

So. A few of you said that you wanted to know more about the LP Guy and why I like him so much more than the others. Your wish, my command. Hes seven years older than me. That in itself is sexy. I dig older men. Hes a guys guy. Hes honest, blunt and doesn't hesitate when he talks to me. He told me he was extremely sad about something I told him, which is completely irrelevant at the moment, but its why I like him. Just for exaggerating purposes, I would marry this one for no other reason other than him being my favorite man of all time.

I worked today. Two hours over my scheduled off time...eye on the prize. Soon I'll reveal that prize, when its in stone. Fine For No Reason was there and I've decided that I'm not attracted to him as much as I thought I was. Not sure why though. I've pushed him from my thoughts, it seems and I don't see him easing back in. He's still fine though. Oh well. As CMJ would say...moving on.


Some of you will be glad to know that there is a good chance that I'm going to pass math. Yay! If we've talked...you know my struggle.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Random Things.

I just discovered Instant Coffee. Its not bad. I kind of like it.

I have a Pre. It is a complicated piece of machinery. I just learned WebOS Quick Install. Wow, the posibilities.

I dislike Christmas, its no secret, but I am quite fond of the Christmas movies shown on ABC Family and the Hallmark channel. It gives me a false sense of hope. Like all is not lost...then the movies end, the season passes and its back to real life.

I have a serious problem with people who think that its okay to have everything handed to them...Even more so that things are somehow owed to them just for existing. Where does that mentality even come from? I dont get it.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Work was rather interesting. I had an early shift. I wasn't expecting to see Fine For No Reason, but lo and behold there he was in all his glory. We exchanged short expressionless glances as we continued our separate tasks.

Then he comes up beside me. Ugh. Too close. I really don't want to be near him.

"How are you today? Feeling better?" He spoke in a calm tone that completely contradicted his body language as he was being fidgety.

"Oh, I'm good." He noticed my unease and smiled. I won't even attempt to tell you what that smile did to me, but I will say that it makes me want to tell him things. Its a friendly smile. Not at all seductive, very natural and vibrant. I guess you had to have been there.

He narrowed his eyes at me, "Are you okay?"

"I'm okay."

"You sure?"

"Yeah, I'm okay." Translation: I'd be a lot better if you were...I don't know...naked.

He's a distraction.

I think I should point out that I'm not a coy shy chick as this may or may not suggest. I'm pretty straight forward. Not this time. Not sure why though.

Soon that will change.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

I Get It.

I've been wondering lately when exactly is enough, enough. Then I realized it isn't. Trying...not enough when you fail in the end anyways. Its okay though, I get it. Cant win em all. Or in my case...at all.

I keep a lot of things to myself then they start to weigh on me. Top that off with work and school and there you have it...hell. It could be worse and to tell you the truth I'm expecting the worse to happen. After a while it usually does. So I'll wait patiently for it.

Something is coming up this month that would require me to take off work. Any other time I would be MORE than happy to take off work, but not this time. I'm saving for something bigger. Something I've always wanted. I realized that it doesn't do any good to want so I'm taking action, with the help of Rob the Roommate...He's a doll.

I would say that hes trying to make something up to me, but it seems as if he enjoys...spending the time. He's having a few problems of his own. He mopes and sighs, but doesn't share whats bothering him. Its annoying, but I get it.

Voltaggio Brothers.

Well next week is the Top Chef Finale. I'm only sharing this because it means no more Voltaggio brothers and if we've talked you know how much I love them...especially that tattooed one. He looks fun. The other one looks like he needs to loosen up a little, but I guess competition gets a man all in knots.

Fine For No Reason.

My day was absolute fucking hell, but there is a silver lining.

The guy I kind of work with, Fine For No Reason, was dressed up today-black slacks and button down shirt. He was fine...hence the name. Not 'wow fine' like usual. This was 'get naked I wanna make you feel good fine'.

He was standing next to me and I tried my best to bite my tongue, but I couldn't. You'll, be happy to know though, that I didn't strip him naked. I just simply expressed how good I thought he looked. I'm 95% sure he understood exactly what I meant.

Me-"You look really (pause) good today." Translation: Get naked.
Him-"Thank you"
Me- "You re welcome." Translation: Now will you get naked?
Him- "You don't look very happy."
Me-"I'm not." Translation: You're still not naked.

I'm not sure what it is about him, but I feel as if I cant keep it together...especially if we are standing too close. I jump out of my skin when he walks by. I wish I could explain it better. It is similar to the way I feel or used to feel about Lover. It almost physically hurts to be in the same room with him.

Absolute lust.

I need to shag him.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Faithful Watcher.

Dear Nick@Nite,

I have always been a faithful watcher, but I let this go on long enough. I stuck by you when you yanked Lucy, MaryAnne, Tootie and Laverne away from us. I even defended you after that whole whole Hi-Jinks stunt you pulled, but for you to take The Fresh Prince away from us is not only an outrage, it is uncalled for. Quite frankly I'm confused and a little hurt by it. I mean come on...Family Matters?...Really? I thought we had an understanding. All I'm saying is that a little notice would have been appreciated.

Yours truly,

P.S. Good call on bringing back Roseanne. I like what you're doing with George Lopez and I might be okay with The Nanny, but that Glenn Martin DDS has got to go.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Sunday, November 22, 2009


I do not like surprises. At all. Not even a little bit.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Random Things.

1. You've Got Mail. Its such a charming movie. I can watch it back to back and each time It is as if I am watching it for the first time. The weird part is that I dont like romantic chick flicks, but this one has all of my favorite things: Books, Coffee and Emails...and the fact that it is set in New York doesnt hurt.

2. Those damn Twilight books. It started off as me seeing what the hype was about, then I caught sight of that actor...you know the one. Two words: Oh Yeah. The rest is history, unfortunately.

3. I have a pen pal from New York...nice man. His emails are often times longer than some of my papers.

4, I am currently on the lookout for a book that is going to change my life/ way of thinking. So far I have a list of seven or nine. The first book to change my view on life was Paul Zindel's The Pigman in sixth grade.

5. It snowed today.

6. Sometimes I wonder how my life got this way. Nine times out of ten there doesnt seem to be a fixer. (Notice the slight play on words Pearl Jam fans)

7. My sister said she would be the daughter who got married, if I agreed to be the daughter to have kids...funny gal, that one. I kind of miss her.

8. General Hospital. James Franco. Friday the 20th...yes.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cranberry Sauce.

I am excited for cranberry sauce. I always end up leaving it on my plate, but this year...I'll eat it. I'm really excited for Thanksgiving. I enjoy the family time...my family is huge so its always a good time. When I was younger I would sit in the kitchen while my aunt cooked, its more or less how I learned...and that foods class in high school. Next to eating, my favorite part is watching my aunt and mama cook.

Speaking of which, my mama is always talking about how old she is. The other day she says to me, "Jess, you better start spending more time with me. I'm 45, I wont be here forever."

I, for obvious reasons, hate it when she speaks like that. In my mind shes immortal and that's the end of it, but that particular day she started criticizing her appearance. She spoke of plastic surgery. For the record she is not fat shes 5'2, 120lbs and doesn't look a day over 26. My blase attitude before I exited her room prompted her mini guilt trip rant.

It reminds me of song lyrics:
"...My mother is always tried to change herself, She never learned to let things be..." Staind- Me

Friday, November 6, 2009

Random Things.

1. I bought Unisom.

2. My cell phone has been malfunctioning.

3. If I had to rank the men in my life the LP Guy is number one.

4. A guy at my work, we'll call him Tiger...he likes golf...but anyways he asked me out three different times in one conversation. Weird right?

5. I am excited for James Franco to join the cast of General Hospital. I'm convinced that it will be interesting.

6. I'm still struggling with math. Its just something that I cannot grasp, no matter how easy it may seem or...actually is. This time its rates and units. FML

7. Before yesterday I had no idea how the World Series worked, I have the LP Guy to thank for that. He really is my favourite.

8. I have been excessively reading and neglecting most everything else. Uh oh.

9. I just found out that a guy is suing Ax Body Spray because women aren't flocking to him like in the commercials...WTF.

10. This has been a weird week.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I'm going to fail math.

Tragic, but oh so very true.

I need to get a tutor. I think Rob the Roommate is good with numbers, but I'm not too sure about his attention span....mine either for that matter. Uggh. I don't know how I'm going to get through this one. On the scale of suffocating things this ranks pretty fucking high. I feel like I'm drowning in numbers and formulas. FML. Shit.

....back to it.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Beast.

My current favorite song is Burn It To The Ground by Nickelback. I have an outfit for it...Serious business.

Halloween is right around the corner, which means...I'm getting drunk...and laid....not in that order.

I went to The Beast. Let me start off by saying that I don't like that haunted house. Its not scary and its almost as dangerous as The Edge Of Hell, but somehow it was rated number one. I'm almost pretty sure it had something to do with foggy, pitch black jungle people spend thirty minutes in, just searching for an exit, only to run face first into brick walls. The lines wrapped around the building, it was cold and there were bible thumpers everywhere trying to keep us from losing our souls.

Apparently Jesus is in my heart protecting me...who knew? I'm almost offended.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

LP Guy Quotes.

Via Text Message

"You should come steal something when I am working alone, then I could take you back to my office and you could 'work off' your crime."

Two minutes later...

"I'm kinda serious- but kinda joking.....What do you think?? In all seriousness?..."

Monday, September 28, 2009

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Music Bar.

Its time for a new cell phone.

The other day I was sifting through my emails and I saw one from the guy that likes to be watched. I'm not sure if I mentioned him, the architect...with the 8 year old. Anyways, his email kind of pissed me off. Not what it said, but because it was there. He's not a bad looking man, in fact he's cute, but I'm not into the whole business professional thing. It was only cute for a minute.

I feel as if I should tell about the actual bar itself, I've read the reviews before I went and they made it sound like a really cool diverse place...it's not. It was only okay the location is weird, the drinks are not that great and the seating is awkward. I wasn't feeling it and I'll never go back.

So for last night, we met at that stupid bar and for the record he looks a lot older than 25, I blame his weird hair and the cigarettes, anyways long boring story short I've figured out that he can put up with a lot. It's hard to throw him off his game, which is a very good thing to know...if you know me then you understand why.

I think he might be more into me than I am into him as he has plans to for each of my off days in the coming months...which is not very many, by20the way...but that's a whole other story entirely and it pisses me the fuck off. As I was speaking to him he kept interrupting to invite me places in a sporadic kind of way, very childlike. It was cute...which may be the problem. I want sexy, not cute.

Another thing, that man can really drink, I'm not sure yet if this is a bad thing, but he started drinking before I even got there and while I was there he had at least 6 Whiskey and Cokes on top of that we did shots and he was completely unaffected by them.

That's talent.

It reminds me of Rob the Roommate. That man can put 'em away, I swear his first drink ever was probably 80 proof.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Nice Guy Urges.

I have been asked to talk more about the men in my life and since I'm a people pleaser (not really) I will, but only because I'm not very good about posting and replying back to emails.

Last night I had a rather interesting conversation with the New Nice Guy, we were talking about me whoopin' ass with my karate skills then it drifted to talking about ravishing my body. Now I'm not one to complain about such a thing, in fact, I'm all for it...naturally, but the fact that it came from him threw me for a big ass loop. Then he goes on to express his 'very strong thoughts and urges' and how he plans to act on them...Hell yes!!

It has to be said though that something about this is very intriguing, but at the same time it turns me off. I cant really pinpoint why, but I can say that it has something to do with the whole nice guy persona that he denies having. This thing with him lacks the thrill that comes with the 'bad boy' and I kind of need that excitement, the sex is much better that way.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


The brothers on Top Chef turn me on. They are sexy...especially the tattooed one.

Lover is newly 25, as if anyone really cares...he surely doesn't. He was upset that I couldn't spend the day with him and assured me that I would regret it. I did/do and when I finally did see him, it took everything inside of me not to get him naked. The good thing about our relationship...and I use that term loosely, is that we have complete honesty and we expect nothing less than that from each other. He knows Ive met another person. I didn't have to tell him.

Knowing the type of person he is, one would expect him to throw a truck across the parking lot, but he didn't...I'm almost sure he could though. I think the reason he didn't start tossing vehicles is because he thinks that this new guy doesn't compare, and if that's the case then he is right...they are too different to compare.

I have plans to see the New Guy this weekend. I think we are beginning to understand each other a little better, which means that I am in the clear when it comes to jumping all over him. Seeing as how I am a little sexually frustrated. Jumping him will only make it worse because I do not intend to fuck him. I'm pretty sure he's they type of guy who would care more than I would. We will see.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Nice Guy.

This is my favourite time of year.

I have the sometimes consequential habit of speaking my mind. Most people know that.

Not this new guy. As I have said before he is different from most guys. He is not in anyway shape or form the asshole type that I have grown to love over the years and I'm not really used to it. This guys is nice...I didn't even know they still made nice guys, but oh well.

He came over we didn't do anything special just talked listened to music and such, but the entire time I kind of wanted to shag him. Not in an overwhelming 'I need to have it' kind of way, but in the 'I just want to see what its like' kind of way and I wasn't exactly trying to hide it.

Its his mouth. He has a sexy mouth...his lips. He also smokes, which only adds to the appeal. I couldn't stop watching his lips move. It is safe to say that I want his lips all over me.

"I sense a tension between us." He says to me.

What I really wanted to say was, "That tension may be due to the fact that I want to be all over you."

What I really said was, "What kind of tension?"

This should be interesting.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


A lot has been going on...where to start...

My sister finally went away to college. Its different not having her around and a lot cheaper, I'm sure. She left Saturday and Ive not yet talked to her, as a result of her Naval ROTC training. I'm not digging that too much at all. I'm feeling nostalgic....I'm sure it will pass. Fret not.

Lover is away on business for a week or so, hopefully he gets laid out there...if not I'll be in for it, which would not be a problem if I didn't have other things going on. I like the space between us. Its seeming more permanent as of late. More on that at a later date.

I have more hours at work, as if I needed more. I must have been snorting something because I volunteered for it. It was either that or get a second job. I might end up having to anyway. FML.

I met a new guy. Hes nothing like any guy Ive ever talked to in the past. He talks a lot and is kind of skater..ish. All that is good and fine, but the things he says kind of has me on edge. Not in a good way, but not in a bad way either. Its just different. I guess we will see.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

TMI Tuesday #201

TMI Tuesday #201

1. Do you have 'your' side of the bed? Which side?
Not really. My side is pretty much the middle, so get on the floor.

2. How old is your pillow and what condition is it in?
I have five pillows. They are all probably about six months old and have not strayed too far away from original condition.

3. What is your favorite position to sleep in?
I like to sleep on my back or on my stomach, when I sleep with someone I'm usually all over them. Some of you know what I'm talking about...CMJ.

4. How often do you change your sheets?
Evey two months, though I usually sleep on top of my bed anyway.

5. What helps you fall asleep when insomnia strikes?
Usually when insomnia strikes I don't sleep. I read.

6. Does sex make you sleepy or energized?
It depends on what we did, but usually I am worn out, not tired or sleepy.

7. What is the minimum amount of sleep that you need to be functional the next day.
I can function just fine without it with a few cups of coffee.

Bonus (as in optional):Describe your most vivid dream.
I don't dream often, but when I do I'm usually being chased or some shit like that.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Saturday, August 22, 2009


"Over the past year I have learned that the most addictive feeling on earth is the feeling of being yourself AND being accepted for it. The feeling of not having to think before you speak among friends. Not having to worry about your image, not having to worry about changing yourself for the group of friends you are sitting with at that point. Being able to openly talk about thoughts that you would typically be judged for or even considered inappropriate. The feeling of being yourself, it's an amazingly powerful thing."

"What's the recurring theme again…oh yeah, Assumptions."

"Everytime you react without thinking you are letting someone or something else control your brain, emotions, feelings and actions."

"He only wore black acid wash Ruslter jeans, never a shirt, not even to school and black leather velcro shoes. If you even looked at him he would punch you so hard in the face that everyone near him including the teacher would throw up from the pain. The teacher was even afraid to discipline him, she knew her time would be limited if she did.

He was 9 years old but at 6'1" 190lbs and 30 years I would call him sir to this very day, even if he was still 9 years old."

"In my opinion which 97 out of 100 times is right..."

"There are no acts that are inherently special.
Special is defined by the people involved in the act."

"If she calls and says, "I lost my vagina," our relationship would end."

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Three Things Survey.

1. Jessica
2. Jesse
3. Jess or Jacob

1. My ever curly hair...only when I have to comb it. Don't have that problem anymore.
2. The birthmark on my knee. Its so ugly. Ugh.

3. Cant think of a third one.

1. Flying bugs.

2. Being chased.
3. Organ failure.

1. Water.
2. Texting.
3. Oxygen.


2. Rob Thomas/ Matchbox Twenty
3. Currently that's it.

1. Closer-Kings of Leon

2. Arizona-Kings of Leon
3. Rest Stop-MB20

1. Trust
2. Honesty
3. Variety/Change

1. Tattoos.
2. Piercings.

3. Muscles.

1. Sleep
2. Leave this town
3. Buy new headphones

1. New Zealand
2. Paris
3. New York

1. I quote gangster movies.
2. I don't like chick flicks.
3. I have no idea what to do when someone starts crying around me.

1. I never leave the house without chapstick.

2. I love chocolate.
3. Sometimes I carry a purse.

1. Caleb Followill
2. Johnny Depp
3. Gerard Butler


As requested. Short sweet and to the point.

His fingers were lazily dipping in and out of me, dragging their way out and up to my clit. Pressing lightly he says, 'Tell me what you want.'

'Mm' was the only sound my mind was able to form. He tugged my clit. 'I didn't catch that. Now tell me what you want.'

'To cum, I want to cum.' I heard myself say...Not as clearly as it is written here.

'Then do it.'

He was standing over me.

‘Do it.’ He repeated.

My hands replaced his and in a steady rhythm I drew small circles on my clit rocking my hips involuntarily. My desire grew my pace quickened.

He groaned and kneeled in front of me.

He put my legs over his shoulders and moved my fingers and put them in his mouth before sliding his tongue between the lips of my pussy. My body tensed. He had to pry my thighs away from his ears.

His mouth was relentlessly glued to my clit.

Before I was finished riding out my orgasm, in one fluid motion he lifted me on top on him and down onto his length, which intensified the pleasure in a way that I cannot begin to describe. He grabbed the back of my head and roughly kissed me as he continued plunged in and out of me.

Good times that man. I forget my name when I'm with him.


I have a problem with catering to other peoples sensitivities. I do not like biting my tongue or editing my words. I don't want to be around people who cannot stomach simple truths or except things for what they are.

Its annoying.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I have a serious fucking problem when people try to push their beliefs off on me.

I have zero respect and zero tolerance for that shit.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I Miss Gilligans Island.

I came here with the intention of doing TMI, but I cant relate so I'm going to ramble instead....about nothing.

At work two grown men decided that they wanted to fight each other over a look. It was stupid and childish. One would think that men with wives and children would grow up along the way, but no.

The end of this month will bring good things. I cant tell you what those things are mostly because I'm not entirely sure, but you understand, yea?

I am slowly becoming one of those people who hates empty phrases and one word messages. I'm sometimes guilty of both, but that will change.

Ive been thinking a lot about what Vixen Kitten said: Years from now, when you look back, you will realize that the things or people you let go of, weren't really that important after all. It has been darting around the walls of my mind every since I read it. It makes me think about a few different things, but that's another post entirely.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday Music.

I just found out that Kings Of Leon are passing through here in October. If you've been counting...and I have that makes three must attend concerts for me. Can you feel my excitement? We'll see which ones I'll actually go to.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday Confession.


Getting older.



Gaining wisdom.

Which ever way you say it, it all scares the dog shit out of me...and I cant even begin to tell you why. I suppose its because people tend to forget or throw away the old things. Its always been out with the old, which I am finding out, does apply to people too.

Go figure.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Today I was catching up on my class discussions.

Shocked?....Me too. I'm a pretty big slacker, but I digress.

The class is called Positive Psychology, which I will admit was a lot of tedious bullshit, but not a complete waste. Anyways....Two students expressed how they didn't learn a single useful skill that they could apply in real life.

Another, rather angry student, responded by saying,

"Nice job paraphrasing Janna's response! I would be more interested in hearing the rationale behind your comments, and your real, personal beliefs. I do not want to read the same response twice, and I find it hard to believe you are channeling our classmate. Are you implying that absolutely nothing that was covered in this class helped you in any way? Apparently you never learned the meaning of empathy during this class either. I feel sorry for anyone who can take a class for 9 weeks, and learn absolutely nothing. Small, closed minds demean the learning experience for the rest of us. I would prefer that people
who do not wish to learn, or to expand their horizons, would just work at Arby's, and leave the learning to the rest of us."

Who knew class could be so entertaining?...and that was only one of his many messages.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Things You Dont Know.

I hate hate hate cheese and weddings.
It pisses me off when I have to clean up after people like they re fucking children. Grow the hell up and do your own shit....its how I feel.
Once I decide to no longer associate with someone, I mean it.
I hate taking off mascara. Its time consuming and that shit gets in my eyes.

I favor odd numbers.
I do not have any heroes and I don't look up to any person.
There are two, maybe three people in my life that I would actually enjoy being roommates with.

Yours truly is attracted to assholes and nine times out of ten I won't even give the nice guy a chance. Sad, but so very true.

I do not like to be the center of attention, but I like to change and be different.
I vibe better with men. Females are annoying and most of them care too much.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Another Addition To My Bucket List.

As poor as my writing skills may or may not be I want to write a book.


When I've finished I'll want to have it published.

I'd say I want it to be on the top 100 lists, which I do, but that would be going too far with the comedy.


Yesterday my dinosaur computer revealed that it had a whopping 38 viruses/infections, which pissed me the hell off. Right before that I made the decision to wait on getting a laptop seeing as how we are in a recession and shit...and there is another computer avaliable in the next room.


I went out and bought one anyway. Twas very reasonable and I love it. I didnt get a warrenty because Im a cheap ho, which was STUPID on my part. I am the clumsiest person in this entire state.

Another But...

The guy said I could come back on the 7, 8, or 9 to get the warrenty and my tax back. Yay. The trick is for me to not be my natural clumsy self for a few days.

Ooo the best thing about this laptop is that it can fit inside of my bag.

Easily amused, I know.

Im not so sure Im getting that Palm Pre on the first now....damn it.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Music Monday.

Instead of posting videos, I'm going to share some music news.

In October there are two concerts coming through this city of mine. One is Creed and Staind. The other is Rob Thomas.

I cant wait. I love them and yet I still haven't bought tickets for either show.

I'm in love with the band Kings Of Leon. I hate that I'm just now getting into them. I feel like I've missed out not having discovered them sooner. I was told that they are going to be at the three day music festival in Chicago, as is Tool and a whole lot of other musicians.

Damn, I want to go.

Anyways the lead singer is so sexy and their music is good.

Sex on Fire

Use Somebody

Pinky Promise.

I've not been by here for a 'proper' blog in quite some time. I've made three promises via email.

1. Sunday Confession- I never do these because Ive nothing to really confess, but I'll try to think of something...I hope.

2. Sex- Well...I get it.

3. More things you don't know- This will be easy seeing as how there are TONS of things you don't know.

I know I'm horrible with posting, but I promise...for real this time.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Friday, July 17, 2009

Random Stuff.

Ive work later on today. No surprise there. I work four days sometimes five in a row throughout the week. I should change that, but it works out with classes and all.

Speaking of work, I got a raise yesterday, effective August.

I fear that I am slowly falling into a routine and I refuse to live a monotonous life. I'm only 22. I need some change, variety and excitement.

There are three things I want to do on or by Saturday.

1. Get my nipples pierced. Ive been thinking about it for a very long time.

2. Buy a mini laptop because its so tiny and cute and fits all of my computer needs.

3. A haircut. I'm sick of my hair now. I need to cut it off. The one I have in mind is next to zero maintenance.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


My sister is a doll.

I'm going to miss her when she goes off to college...tear.

While I'm here...and sober, I might as well speak a little about Harry Potter. I wont ruin it, but I will say that it was the best one yet. Those kids are adorable, especially that red head, Ron.

Officially 22.

In the event of this special special day, Ive decided to go a little crazy and treat myself to a virtual birthday cake. This one is plain. I like plain....Except when it comes to men I like them to come with plenty of tattooed decorations and pierces as ornaments.

Now that I think about it, I cant remember the last time I had birthday cake on my own birthday. Its been years.

Birthdays are like Christmas around here. We stopped putting up trees and decorations, which I don't mind, but pretty soon there will be no turkey on Thanksgiving...and that will be taking the comedy too far. I wont have it. No.

Happy Birthday to me, I can see the top of the hill from here.

Monday, July 13, 2009

I admit it...

I like Harry Potter, not the books, for I've never read them, but the movies are quite interesting. In fact, I am going to see the midnight showing of it on opening day. I'm excited.

Another thing, which is completely unrelated, I used to draw....all the time, realism mostly.

My mom was my biggest fan...naturally. She was always on the look out for new techniques that I could try. Once she bought me a canvas board and oil paints, amongst other things. She was more into it than I was.

I think she was a little upset when I suddenly quit.

Musical Monday.

Forgive me if I get a little crazy with the music, I love it. Its all about the lyrics.

I need friends like that..good sturdy and reliable.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Paolo Nutini.

This man has the sexiest lips I have ever seen on a man...with a sexy voice to match.


I want two.

Monday, July 6, 2009

5 Things.

I got an email from someone asking me to do a 'things you don't know about me,' using my favourite number and a bonus. I like the number five so here goes.

1. I'm not sure if I mentioned this, but I cannot sing. My sister can sing my mother can sing all of my aunts and some of my cousins can, but I cannot. I think its unfair...doesn't stop me though. I'm a singing machine if I like the song...and I usually do. Watch out.

2. I do not bring the guys I talk to or date around my family or friends. I like it better that way. I don't have anything to hide, its just more comfortable to me. I thought about changing that, but why? As a result, I have an aunt who thinks I'm gay because she doesn't know anything about my personal life...wtf.

3. When I feel like things are getting really bad for me I start planning my escape to anywhere. Ive never actually followed through with these plans, but I have them...just in case.

4. When I hear Lifehouse's Storm I want to scream at the top of my lungs...its that good.

5. I read full books on my cell phone. Reading is my favourite thing to do, so when I don't have any actual books in my possession I find ebooks and download them to my Palm. Its free and I like doing it that way, but I'm sure its doing my eyes zero favors.

Bonus. I do some stupid shit sometimes and my excuse for it, as if I need one, is that 'I'm young.' It doesn't matter what it is, I'm young and I can get away with it. Sad, I know... but its true.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independence Day.

Happy 4th. Congrats to all of you getting time and a half. I know it is much needed, which is the only reason why I am not complaining about it now. Be safe.

That was some french ass positive shit right there. Embrace it.

In other news, Luke's blog has been keeping me quite entertained, as it always does. If I didnt want to shag him before I most certainly do now. He is the object of my fantasies. Plural. Check it out,
A Sex Filled Weekend W/ Luke-From Her Point of View.

In the spirit of today, if youve nothing else to do, watch Independence Day. It never gets old and let us not forget what this day is really about.


Sometimes, I get random emails about my little blog and this time I got one from someone asking me to talk of my favourite sexual experience...outside of the bedroom... and because sex is essential to life, I am more than happy to oblige. Ive already posted the T.O.P. ones, this ranks next, I suppose. I'll try to use lots of adjectives and shit, So here goes...


He picked me up and put me on the edge of the sink. Licking his lips, he took off my shirt. He rubbed his thumb across my nipples. I started to shake, not because my arousal was at one thousand, but because the cool air was on. He grinned at me wickedly as he eased one hand into the waist of my jeans. His fingers slid lazily through the slippery folds of my pussy. I moaned. He took that as consent to continue with more purpose...more dedication. Then he crooked his fingers inside of me and started coaxing my orgasm down to him...It
was listening.

I felt my back arching involuntarily and the oh so familiar tension build up in my core. My hips started to buck. He held me in place with one hand and continued to control my entire body with the other. I trembled and moaned in satisfaction. He kissed me slowly and deeply while he pressed his extremely evident erection inside of me.

'Turn around for me,' he said through his teeth. I hopped off the counter and pulled my jeans down just enough for what was to come. He placed my palms flat against the mirror.

I heard his zipper, I heard the foil. All systems are a go.

He grabbed my hips. He teased my clit with the head of his erection sending shocks of pleasure throughout my body. Slowly and deliberately he entered me. First entry is always the best. I started grinding my ass into him, meeting his forceful thrusts.

His hand snaked down the length of my body in search of my swollen clit. He found it. He pinched it, pulled it and rubbed it, which sent another wave of intense pleasure throughout my body. I felt myself contracting around him. He groaned and slowed down, but never stopped.

As soon as the best of the contractions passed, he picked up his pace and fucked me through the rest, sending me yet again to the edge of a third orgasm.

'Cum with me.' He whispered in my ear. He wasn't asking. He kissed me roughly and tangled his fingers into my hair, while he pumped in and out of me over and over again as his hand mauled my clit furiously. I cried out his name. 'Fuuck' he grunted and he continued to plundered in and out of me. Faster and faster before he finally spent himself in the condom.

He fucked me through the spasms, much slower than before, while he continued to kiss me bruising my lips. I was already starting to feel sore as he pulled out of me. Before I knew it he was kneeling on the ground giving my pussy one long and slow lick, making me want him all over again...We moved it to the room.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Just Stuff.

It seems like I haven't written anything in a while. I don't think its actually been that long, maybe a week or so...In any event I am here with nothing to say so here goes:

Two people have lost my trust. One just yesterday and the other a little while ago.

My friend has been staying with me. She keeps trying to see me naked. I don't get it, why doesn't she just ask??

Transformers was a really good movie. Shia is foxy. The Proposal was too cute for my taste, but an overall okay movie. Ryan is foxy as well and when you think about it, that's all that really counts.

I have been busy reading lots of awesome blogs as of late. (Luke is still my favorite) Next post, I promise to share the wealth.

The mouse on my computer stopped working. WTF. I had to steal one from the other room. Soon I'll have to buy a new one. I'm glad it was only the mouse. I cant afford a whole new computer, thought I'm sure it only goes down hill from there. Anyone wanna buy me one when disaster does strike??

Men are such dogs. My sister is starting to experience this first hand. Oh well. Life, right?

Oh! I almost forgot. I bought a rocket. It has interchangeable heads, which is cool. Ive not yet used it, but soon I will...hopefully.

General Hospital is on.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Random Stuff.

I look a hot mess and I feel like shit.

In other news, Luke posted a blog cleverly titled,
I have my own religion and beliefs!....He read my mind the whole way through. Its crazy the amount of comments his blog gets. I wonder if he actually reads all of them.

There are three things I love about blogging.

  1. The word 'Blog' is a verb.
  2. The random emails and IMs, which I think may be my favourite part, actually.
  3. Discovering new authors. Its interesting reading through the different personalities.

Speaking of emails. It seems I am behind. I'm a big slacker, I know. I'm working on it.

I'm legally blind in my right eye. It hasn't given me any problems until today. I ran into two walls at work. I really really need new glasses. I'm clumsy enough on my own I don't need my vision messing up the little coordination I do have.

Ive been thinking seriously about picking up another job. I don't know how I'm going to juggle two jobs and school, but I feel like its something that I need to do for obvious reasons. I want more money.

I'm not a dreamer. Not in either respect of the word. I usually have dreamless nights if and when I do sleep. Lately I have been having some weird dreams. My most recent one involved and old friend. In the dream she was called my best friend. Long story short we ended up fist fighting. After the fight I apologized for hurting her, which is weird because whatever it was, the fault was hers...had to have been.

Khaki. WTF.

About two months ago my job switched to a dress code. We went from being able to wear whatever we wanted (business casual) to only being able to wear Black, White and Khaki/Beige.

No big deal. I have black and white. Its cool.

This just in...

Taking effect in about a month or so we are getting a newer dress code, which enables us only to wear Black Polo's and Khaki/Beige pants. I don't give two shits about the dress code or why we have it. Ive had jobs in the past where dress code was enforced...my problem is simply that I don't own Khaki/Beige and I do not want to go out shopping for pants that color.

I don't even think they make pants that color in the size I need. I have a hard enough time buying jeans. (long legs small waist) The last time I had to buy Khaki pants they were cargo from the men's section.


Monday, June 15, 2009

Pointless Bar Story. Missed Connection.

I went to a new bar/restaurant last night. Not really new, Ive just never been there after hours before.

There was a live band. They were young...not legal to drink...their parents were there with them, which was a little weird but okay. Aside from that and them being completely adorable, they were a good cover band. I couldn't tell if the singer was actually talented, but I will say that he was good at imitating...Too much idol, I know.

A mini fight broke out over a table. Apparently 'Faggot' stole 'Mother Fuckers' table while 'Mother Fucker' was in the restroom. 'Faggot' said that he didn't see 'Mother Fuckers' name on it. Boys will be boys.

There was a drunk man at the bar. He tried to order another drink. The bartender cut him off. They man says, "I'm not drunk am I?!!" He was shouting....for no reason. The bartender says, "You're okay man. Drink some water."

The bartender walks away. The next thing I notice is the drunk man coming my way in top drunken speed...He sat next to me. Uh oh.

Everything he said was on on speaker phone. It was funny, I couldn't help but smile. Drunk people amuse me. Not all just some. I learned that his name was Sam and that he lived nearby. The rest was slurred.

A few minutes into our 'conversation' a different bartender told him to leave, which wasn't an easy task, as he had to be asked several times. He caused a scene and it looked as if I had a leading role in it.

Seconds after he left I felt a hand on my shoulder. First thought: Sam's back and he's getting physical. Fight or Flight....Fight it is.

I turned around. That hand belonged to a sexy, sexy man. He had short dark hair and he was well over six foot. He also had at least eight piercings in his face...probably more. I was too busy being in awe of his sexiness to do an accurate count.

He said, "I saw you smiling. What was that guy saying to you?"

We had a brief conversation. I never got his name.

Damn. Damn. Damn.

Missed Connection anyone?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

6 Random Things.

1. I went to see The Hangover. It was hilarious. That Bradley Cooper is some kind of sexy. The same goes for Johnny Depp. I'm excited for Public Enemies.

2. My perverted friend loves hearing my dirty sex stories. She has been convincing me to get into tantric sex, just so she can hear about it. Next she'll be asking me to make out with her before her wedding just so she can have the experience. I'm game baby. This isn't my first rodeo.

3. I have said this before, but I really really really love Luke's Blog. It is awesome and published!!...what more could I want in life? Nothing right? I know. "...she went on a downward spiral of fucking crazy." "I too am highly awaiting her next move. Its like a game of chess, except you can die." Classic. Is it weird that I want to shag him?

4. APA format sucks ass!!

5. My birthday is around the corner and I don't feel any emotion towards it. I mean I'm getting older, which is not terribly uncommon and as a result is no longer special.

6. I have been incredibly tired this past week and I still have to walk through hell to get some sleep. WTF.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Last Night.

Text message:

I am coming over. You are leaving with me and I am going to fuck you. That's it. Get ready.

Being in my current physical state of torment, I put up no arguments. He came over. I left with him and he fucked me. Few words were said unless, mmm Joe enough stttoop, counts.

Later he walked me to my door, kissed me slowly and said, I will see you tomorrow.

Parting is such sweet sorrow.

Text message:

You are so whipped.

3 Random Things.

1. I want to buy a dildo...a new one. It seems as if one is seriously needed as of late. I will need to schedule time out to do it though. Its like shopping for hair products or books...it takes forever. Not that I mind...it will all pay off in the end.

2. An avid reader and close personal friend of mine says I should start doing HNT. I think she is just trying to see me naked. Just ask CMJ, its okay. I don't bite, unless you ask me to.

3. The first few things on my Bucket List:

-Ride the back of a Harley that belongs to a sexy tattooed man with a bad attitude. (why I haven't done this already...I'll never know.)

-Learn to play poker. I have tried to learn many times before and it just doesn't stick. Soon I will know and then back to Nevada I go. (Didn't mean for that to rhyme.)

-Learn to play one full song on the guitar and/or piano.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Its Official.

I am in love with Luke Parrish of the MySpace blog world.

I cant stop reading him.

He is oddly familiar.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bucket List.

I will be twenty-two soon (oh no) and I feel as if I should start my bucket list....and I will. I don't know why, but I feel as if I've missed out on a lot of things. I sound older than I really am, but I feel that way. Life really knows how to run me into the ground.

Its funny the older I get the more insignificant the numbers become. Just the other day I thought I was going to be 23. I had to be corrected.

Monday, June 1, 2009

200th Post.

This is my 200th post.

I thought about making it a good one...but why?


I do some really really really really really really really really really stupid things.

And it just keeps getting better.

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Wait Is Over.

Vegas has been calling my name and approximately eight hours from now, I will be on a plane answering the strip's call.

Of three things I am absolutely certain...

1. I am going to drink...a lot.
2. I probably wont remember much of it.
3. I am going to sin. I wont be proud of it, but its only right.

Katy Perry. Waking up in Vegas.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Stupid Vent.

I like to think that I am quite level headed...Sometimes. I don't care about a lot of shit so its pretty hard to get to me...there are exceptions of course.

Today for example.

I have a friend, whom I have know since the age of eight. She is one of my oldest friends. Growing up she was a member of my family and I hers. Now for the most part she has been a really good friend. I love her to death.


..she is a snobby, stuck up bitch. She thinks she is better than the next person and it will show all over her face...if she decides not to say it. I do not treat people like that, nor do I like people who treat others like that. Its not cool.

I'm rambling.

Now I don't let her attitude affect me and I usually let most of the shit she does fall away...

Not today.

I said before that I'm pretty even tempered and for the most part that's true, but when someone pisses me off its over...and she did just that.

I hate to actually admit how it all started, but I will.

She borrowed a jacket.

Usually I wouldn't care and I didn't/don't. I do, however care that she borrowed this jacket and didn't feel like it was her responsibility to bring it back where she found it.

Let me reiterate: She came to my house and borrowed a jacket from me. I did not bring it to her. She came to get it.

I told her that I needed it by a certain day. She said okay. I reminded her a second time and again, she says okay.

Well surprise surprise the eve of the previously mentioned day rolls around, and guess what?...No jacket.

I messaged her.

Did I mention that I told her a week in advance about me needing it???....Well I did.

Instead of getting my jacket I get a sorry ass statement saying that I should have came to pick it up myself, which would not have been a problem if she would have said that shit in the first fucking place...instead she said that she will bring it to me at my house....where she found it.

Long stupid story short...I am done with her and her I'm better than you attitude.

About the jacket...never got and I don't want it anymore, but I did say a few choice words. Its really not about the jacket. I can buy another one. Its the principle of the (stupid) matter.

One of the things I hate most is when someone doesn't do what they say they are going to do. It pisses me off. How hard is it for someone to do what they say they are going to do? If not that they could at least, out of respect, let the other person know. Or not say anything at all.

Its really not that hard.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Monday, May 11, 2009

Chicago-Cell Block Tango.

Check out those hot mamas.


I Love Me Some Justin.

Friday, May 8, 2009

5 Random Things.

1. Ive decided to get rid of all the guys I talk to now and get a whole batch of new ones....This should be fun. I'm accepting applications.

2. Last night I was talking to a guy who was confessing his secrets to me, which by the way has been happening a lot. People have been randomly emailing me their secrets. I am not sure how it happened...must have been a message board I was in, but I digress. This guy told me that he has been sleeping with his cousin. Another person told me that he does not love his partner he just says he does to pass the time until he finds someone else. Its very interesting. If I didn't love getting emails before, I most certainly do now.

3. Star Trek is out today. I didn't want to see it at first, but Ive been reading reviews so now I have to see what the hype is about. Ive also been hearing lots of things about New Moon, the Twilight sequel. That should be interesting...Yes, I'm one of those people.

4. Speaking of...Ive been meaning to go to the bookstore for the longest, but I never actually do it. I think I'll just go to Target. I want to find a series to get into. I need to put my energy into something else to take my mind away from other things...like school. The last time I read a book during the semester I missed a weeks worth of assignments in two different classes. I don't know how that happened.

5. I have a problem with people who never had to work for anything a day in their life. Those same people always have something to say about things they know nothing about...like bills. I cant stand people who have to be entertained. People who complain about how bored they are and never wants to do anything about it. I also hate people who make a big deal out of small things. I guess we all do it at one point or another, but still. Grow up.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thursday, April 30, 2009


I have a big crush on this band....big. The lead singer is so sexy to me in a very inappropriate way. It cannot be helped.

I hear that Slash is going to be on the next week of Idol, which just so happens to be rock week. I'm excited about it. Adam will dominate! So will that chick, shes pretty good. While were on the topic I cannot believe that he was in the bottom two. WTF America. Get it together. Back to Slash..I love him on the Michael Jackson track Give Into Me.

Rob Thomas' new single is out. I love that man. I cannot wait until the album comes out. I hope he comes through here when he tours.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

One Of Those Things.

Its funny how much we let our lovers get away with. They are free to say things to us that we would never tolerate from any other. They do things to us that another person wouldn't be allowed to do. We let them in and keep them out all at once. There are some things we do with one person that we will never do with another.

'Do I have to ask you, or are you going to do it on your own?'

I knew what he meant...I always know what he means, so I did it. I opened my jeans and pulled them down over my hips.

'Unhook your seat belt and come over here.'

He freed one of my legs, draped it over his and slid his fingers inside of me...pulling them out periodically to place them on his tongue.

Later that night, he fucked me.