Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I felt the need to explain...which, I must say, will do the reality of the situation no justice whatsoever, but that has never stopped me before...No worries I'll keep it short.

On a scale from 01-10 my sex life is a 25.

Not because of the sex alone. It is because of the connection and the raw intensity we have towards each other. He would probably describe it as a really good high from really good drugs, 'that will eventually kill him.'

Our desire is second nature. Fulfilling our need has, over time, become just as important as food and water...there is no living without it. That doesn't exist. What happens is excessive like a morbid longing of sorts.

It is lust defined...Overwhelming, unrestrained, unreal and so addictive....Insatiable even.

Eventually it will end, but until then on a scale from 01-10 my sex life is a 25.



Amorous Rocker said...

That is fantastic. :)

Even once it ends, from the sounds of it, I doubt you'll fall very far down the scale.

Sex Toy Types said...

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Unbroken said...

Wow! A 25 out of 10. I'm pretty good with math and I'd have to say you are rocking!

So what's the deal with not sleeping? What's keeping you awake? If you don't mind my asking...

Jessica said...

AR- There is no settling for less after him. ;)

Unbroken-Turns out Im horrible with numbers, but this adds up. I assure you.

I dont mind you asking if you dont mind my answering...I really dont know why I cant sleep. Its just something that doesnt come easy. I could blame it on my restless mind.