Friday, January 23, 2009

Alternate Reality.

After our sheet meeting I rolled off of him, both of us breathing heavily. We lay tangled in each other. His hand drawing lazy circles on my inner thigh and my hand was laced in his long hair.

Him-This....what we're doing is intoxicating. It doesn't feel real.
Me- What then does it feel like?
Him-(Longest pause in history) It feels like an alternate reality. Its only real to us in this room.
Me-Does that bother you?
Him- Yes.
Me-What do you want to do about it?
Him-I hate pretending. We are not this. Not anymore. Its not just sex, but you wont see it and I cant quit. So I plan to fuck you until you do, or until it ends. You don't have a choice in it. I don't care about our other lives this is what I want.

He was right. We left the room and it seemed like none of it had happened. I guess I didn't notice it until that moment, but I was suddenly aware of the change in the two realities.


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MixMax said...

and? did you see "him" again?