Sunday, January 25, 2009

Career. Confession.

I have a few days off in a row and I'm determined to get caught up on my school work and such. I'll probably get sidetracked by Mr. Loverman...I cant ignore his presence. Its like his entire being demands attention...most times I give it to him...over and over, but I digress. Where was I? Oh...

Ugh! I hate school. I'm this close to quitting...not really, but still. I was thinking about my major and what I wanted to do with my degree and I came up with nothing. Its been this way since high school...I hated high school.

I wouldn't mind having a decent paying desk job for the rest of my life, with the cubicle...stapler the whole nine. Way to under achieve...I know. Would it help any if I said that I'd like the desk job?? No??....I didn't think so. I guess this means I'm still on the future career lookout.

I'm not completely counting out desk jobs. Some are really good, but I don't know if I can handle someone stealing my stapler...there are some lines you just don't cross.

Since today is in fact Sunday, I'll give a confession of sorts.

There is something about him and I wish there wasn't. We get ourselves into lots of knots...and I love every dirty minute of it.



*sweet* said...

Stay in school sweetie! LOL

It is not that long and after that many more opportunities await!

Don't get sidetracked!!!!!

I'm telling you from experience!

Unbroken said...

I'll second that – what *sweet* said! Since you say you're 21 that means you're probably more than halfway to graduation. It is worth it to finish - I guarantee you’ll be glad you did! And don’t say you can always go back because that rarely happens.

You’re linked to my blog – and if there’s only one thing you take to heart from me, I hope it’s my advice that you finish school. I have been in a position to hire people for many years. And I’ll rarely take a second glance unless you’re a college grad!

mybutton said...

Stay in school, get that stupid piece of paper. It's a permanent tool in your toolbox.

I love your confession that was kinda thrown in down there at the bottom. ;)