Friday, January 2, 2009

Good Intent.

I didn't need the whole month after all.

Lets be real.

I know few people who make resolutions and actually stick to them. Twelve months is a long time and life gets in the way, but I guess its the good intent that counts....that's assuming the intent is good.

Tis really a new start on old habits...So in the spirit of good intent, I made a list. I must confess that I did not come up with these on my own I had help from a friend, but remember its the good intent that counts here and I assure you the intent is good.

-Take a I never ever go anywhere.
-Find a new hobby...there are not many things I like doing. In fact, I don't like doing anything so I am now on a journey to find something that tickles my fancy...other than the obvious.
-Get organized...I cant find anything and I miss more deadlines than should be acceptable.
-Be more positive....This was my resolution last year thanks to CMJ and I failed miserably...Round deux anyone??

In the words of Oprah...Here's to another chance to get it right.



Boy Next Door said...

Very nice list! Happy 2009 to you!

Maybe I'll try to find something to be passionate about this year...besides the obvious ;)

shadowrock said...

its a good start and that is the best you can do !!