Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Never Gets Old.

Cashier Woman-How are you today?
Him-Just okay? We'll have to fix that wont we? Tell me how you want to feel...Better yet tell me where you want to feel it.
Him-Do you think they'll kick us out if I pulled down your jeans and fucked you on the counter.
Him-Lets go.
Me-You didn't eat.
Him-I'm not hungry for this. I'd rather eat your pussy.
Me-Wanna see a movie?
Him- Can I touch your clit in the theatre?
Him-I could fuck you right here and no one would know.
Me-Yes they would.
Him-Lets find out.
He cant keep it in his pants...and it never gets old.



Aurore said...

He sounds like a keeper ;)

The Asian Girl Next Door said...

Lucky girl to have someone so eager and ready by your side :)

C.S. Perry said...

While I‘m not necessarily morally opposed lewd behavior in public, it seems that discretion has always been the better part of valor. But then again, it’s also said that brevity is the soul of wit and I’ve been known to beat many horses long after they were dead.
This sounds to me like the affliction that too many young men have; Sexual impatience. After all, I’m betting that you’re a “Sure Thing” in this case so why all the rush?
You should advise your friend to take a breath, slow down and take the time to genuinely relish the experience.
Not to mention that it cuts down on premature ejaculation.