Thursday, January 1, 2009

No Resolution.

Well its the the new year and once again I've no resolutions. My goal is to try and come up with three by the end of this month, which is easier said than done, but we will see.

New Years Eve I didn't do much. The original plan was to attend a small party maybe go to a bar then engage in some hot drunken sex with the man that would have been next to me, but no.

Instead my cousin came over and stayed the night and we went to see a movie...I didn't want to be rude and leave her alone. When 12:00 hit we were in Hy-Vee buying books and magazines, though we went in for alcohol. I am not complaining for I love spending time with my cousin, we always have a nice time and she is my favorite person...but I was looking forward to the hot drunken sex...there will be other times, I am sure of it. No real loss.

Now for my resolutions...


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