Tuesday, January 6, 2009


This is Tuesday a Tuesday like no other...That is what I was promised. That is the reason why I am anxious. It has been a week since we last...connected. With one email he promises me everything...to catch me up on all of his dirty ideas. I love his ideas. Here is his email:

Tuesday I get to have you. Tuesday I will have you. I have waited too long. I don't have that kind of control. Don't make me wait again. Tuesday I will fuck you. I will finger you. I will taste you. You will moan underneath me, saying my name. You will beg me to stop, I wont. You will collapse thinking its over, only to be taken again. I will kiss you. I will caress you. I will stroke. I will love you. You are mine. When its over you'll not want to leave. Your pussy lips will be sore and swollen. Your body spent and tired. Tuesday and every day after you are mine. When you ache it will be for me. When you come it will be by my hands. Your orgasms are mine. Tuesday I am fucking you within an inch of your life. Be ready. You are not getting out of it.

Today is Tuesday.


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Boy Next Door said...

Here's to a happy Tuesday indeed! Have fun, sexy ;-)