Wednesday, February 11, 2009

11 Random Things.

1. I cant stop thinking about tattoos. I'm due for more.

2. Vegas is calling my name and when I finally do go back I'm maxing out the cards and marrying the closest man in arms reach.

3. I love House, Greys Anatomy, Angel, General Hospital and Private Practice. There is a new guy on GH that I wouldn't mind meeting up with in a dark alley...or anywhere for that matter.

4. I don't save numbers in my phone. So every call and text is a surprise unless you're a regular, in which case Ive probably memorized the number.

5. If I don't care, I wont hide it.

6. I hate my curly hair it has a mind of its own, but I refuse to relax it and I hate straightening it.

7. I cant stand people who are close minded and not open to change or willing to try new things. It frustrates me to no end. They suck at life.

8. Steve-O the stoner is going to be on dancing with the stars. That should be rather interesting. I don't watch that show either way though.

9. There are four blogs I wouldn't mind owning in book form...all of which are written by men....they're that good and surprisingly none of them are sex blogs. Go figure.

10. Chad Michael Murray is a fox, but Josh Hartnett is foxier.

11. For some crazy reason I can never find my chapstick. Its never where I leave it. I don't get it.


C.S. Perry said...

Take it from me...stay OUT of Vegas.
And NOT for the reasons Mr. Obama would give you either.

DH said...

Which blogs are those? I'm always looking for good reads.