Friday, February 20, 2009

7 Random Things.

1....Craigslist is semi awesome. I have a friend who is a regular on there. He tells me of his casual encounters. It hasn't let him down yet.

2....Ive found a new lover. I hope the first encounter, whenever it is, doesn't suck, which probably will because of the whole first time with a new person bit.

3....Although I don't have a MySpace there is a blog on there by a guy called Luke and I love it. To top it off, he has put his into book form...wishes do come true.

4....I haven't been laid in a while and so far I'm okay with it. At least I have my coffee, which I'm cutting back on. I swear.

5....Yesterday someone proposed to me just so I can fly free with him...I said yes.

6....My manager looks at me like he wants to take me into the stock room and 'train' me. Too bad he isn't attractive, though he has height going for him.

7....In my quest for a nice desk job. Ive made zero progress, but Ive heard of a few places I intend to look into on Monday....maybe that is progress.

1 comment:

Dante d'Amore said...

I love coffee too, but ... :)