Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Music. Sports.

Sports are nice. Football is the best. I usually don't have a problem when people watch it or talk about it, but my goodness....I met a guy who is a Basketball coach and that's all he talks about. He left me a two minute voicemail talking about his teams loss. What the fuck? CMJ...I understand.

I love music. I love it for the lyrics. I could probably like any song if it was backed by the right beat...and country is most certainly not the right beat...sorry country lovers. It just doesn't tickle my fancy.

Wait...I take that back it has nothing to do with the beat...its the crying twang at the end of every word/line that annoys me...again, sorry country lovers. While we are on the subject of music....where are all the videos? Do they make those anymore?

I always get on my friend about having too many messages saved in her phone. CMJ...I understand that now too.

VH1 is bringing back storytellers, although I dont think it ever left. I love that show. Kanye West is gracing us with his presence this time. As 'talented' as he is I wont be tuning in.


MixMax said...

Hi there, I don't like country music, but this is not the reason I posting a comment. I am wondering about that basketball couch, was he drunk? I thought you were annoyed by the fact that he called you and talked about his team loss, but keep talking to a voice machine??

WordSnMotioN21 said...

I see you've had a glimpse into my world. Im glad we understand each other(for now at least).

C.S. Perry said...

Me and President Bush don't care about Kanye West.

farceur said...

See, I like all types of music. When I am rigging explosives, I like to listen to some Progressive Rock. Setting Detonators? Heavy Metal.

Admiring my knife collection? Rhythm and Blues.

I guess its the mood that hits me.

Sports? I like anything with lots of aggression and violence. I don't know, does that make sense to you?