Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I am not an emotional person. I do not show affection the way most people do. I don't share my feelings. I'll gladly listen to those belonging to others, but I cannot seem to communicate my own. Sometimes I wish I could, other times I like that no one can tell. I'm good at hiding things, but one person sees through me every single time and I don't know why. There is a word that comes to mind.


In other news Lover has been creeping his way back into my life. I'm not sure I like the way that sounds. It insinuates that he actually had a spot there in the first place, which I suppose is true, but whatever. The thing I love about him is that he doesn't tell me what I want to hear and he never has. He tells me how it is...the entire ugly truth. I appreciate it.

My current favourite song.


Amorous Rocker said...

I love that my boyfriend does that with me. As does one of my closest friends. Both these guys always tell me what I need to hear and do it honestly, even when it's ugly and even when it stings. I appreciate it too.

I can relate with the emotional thing too.

I love that song. I love his voice. I'm going to see them live for the second time this April. I'm excited. =)

Oh and I also agree with your comment on my blog about Daniel Craig. Oh that man.. =)

asweetnectar said...

The truth hurts is needed to put us in place...i think you do a pretty good job about conveying those feelings