Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lovers Email.

Lover is a man of very very few words. I love it I hate it. Recently he sent me the longest email Ive ever read in my entire life. (Just between us...I skipped some lines) I thought the email was rather interesting because usually he tells me how he will not let me go. No matter what.

Part of the reason we never completely quit each other is because we've been through so much. We fought we cried we hated and all the rest. When I say I'm almost done with him I mean it, but at the same time I cant imagine him not being there. For years hes always been there even when I didn't want him to be.

I digress. Back to the email.

"...I know I've done things that cannot be forgiven and I do not ask you to....I fuck up a are the only one who gave a damn and I do not tell you enough how much it means...I know I have a lot to work on. I am far from better...I'm damaged...It doesn't feel right when you are away, but if want me to let you go. I will let you go..."

Its funny how a few rolls between the sheets can so quickly turn into complicated.


asweetnectar said...

Girlie, how those few romps in the sheets do lead to so much more. I am with you soooo confused.

Warm hugs to you!

To Visit My said...

your blog is very good......

Kimberly said...

"It's funny how a few rolls between the sheets can quickly turn into something so...complicated." Truer words have never been spoken!