Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I have been fucking the same guy for three years give or take. That's a long time. The sex was great. I say 'was' because I'm almost done wit him. We are still on a break. In the mean time, I have needs.

I replaced lover about a month ago with someone a little older by three or four years. He is the coolest guy. We haven't been together yet, but it is certainly building up. I am bothered by him...the things he says. I almost cant take it.

Friday I will have some part of him.


Theres another guy I haven't been talking to for very long, but he reminds me of lover he is open and blunt. Text messages from him:

-I'm going to take you out.
-We are going to walk in with my hand on your ass.
-We are going to sit down with my hand on you thigh.
-I'm going to signal the waitress with my hand resting on your pussy.
-We are going to order drinks with my fingers in your pussy. When do you want to go?

I don't want him.


farceur said...

Wow! That would have been my approach too....but as you can tell, I have no style...after all...I'm a clown.

mybutton said...

Maybe that's what I need, someone new.

WordSnMotioN21 said...

3 years I don't remember it being that long. Dang you was in a temporary serious relationship.