Tuesday, March 10, 2009

You Said It. Not Me.

Friday, I went to see Watchmen. I'm not going to ruin it for those of you who haven't seen it, but I will say that it was the longest movie I've seen in a while. Longer than Titanic. Longer than the original Shining, longer than the Colin Firth version of Pride & Prejudice. If it wasn't longer than those it sure as hell seemed like it.

People are insecure. I get it. We all have insecurities, but I know a person who is insecure to the point where he talks down on himself just to hear someone say the opposite is true. He tries this with me. I am not his mother. I do not care. You say you're fat and ugly...I am going to agree, just remember you said it. Not me.

I was invited to a thing on the 17th. The person is bringing a few friends...three to be exact. A couple and single. Now usually I wouldn't care and I suppose I still don't, but I have a friend who is single and never really had a real guy friend/interest so I invited her. I probably shouldn't have as Ive never met the guy, but what could it hurt? If it doesn't work out at least they make a new friend.


farceur said...

No fear! Oooh I like your style.

WordSnMotioN21 said...

And why haven't I heard about this shindigg??? Can a sista be informed?

Amorous Rocker said...

Lol, I have an acquaintance who is kind of like the guy to talked about with his insecurity. When she rages on about how fat she looks in something, I always shrug and tell her to try and different color. I feel no need to coddle her or stroke her ego for her. She isn't fat by any means and never has been. She works out and teaches aerobics. She just like to hear people sing her praises. I just agree when she insults herself.

I really want to see Watchmen. I don't do well with most extraordinarily long movies though unless I get into them. I'm hoping I get into that one. If I make it to the theater to see it that is.

Have a great day!