Thursday, April 23, 2009

8 Random Things.

1. My hair frustrates me. I'm cutting it off...again. Pixie haircut here I come. It wont touch my neck...which I hate and my tattoos will show...bonus.

2. I finally got my piece of crap phone fixed. All of the buttons are in full function. No more texting in the shower....don't judge me.

3. I'm excited for Vegas. I need to buy a bikini. I'm taking the new guy with me. His fantasy is to fuck in a fitting room not only that, I just want him.

4. I hear that seventeen year old girls are now allowed to get the morning after pill without parental consent. Hmm.

5. I'm watching Lover sleep. He sleeps with a frown, not an angry frown. It looks more like he is in pain or thinking...or both. Where did I find him? He is more complex than most females.

6. I have a paper due tomorrow and I'm slacking majorly on it. Its not hard I just cant seem to focus...big surprise.

7. I love watching The View.

8. Who keeps telling Beyonce that she can act? Better yet who keeps casting her? They should all be fired.

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