Wednesday, April 29, 2009

One Of Those Things.

Its funny how much we let our lovers get away with. They are free to say things to us that we would never tolerate from any other. They do things to us that another person wouldn't be allowed to do. We let them in and keep them out all at once. There are some things we do with one person that we will never do with another.

'Do I have to ask you, or are you going to do it on your own?'

I knew what he meant...I always know what he means, so I did it. I opened my jeans and pulled them down over my hips.

'Unhook your seat belt and come over here.'

He freed one of my legs, draped it over his and slid his fingers inside of me...pulling them out periodically to place them on his tongue.

Later that night, he fucked me.

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the eternal list said...

nice place you have here, love your sensual writing