Sunday, April 19, 2009


My cell phone... the new one, is breaking down on me. Already two of the buttons are no longer in service. It makes me angry. I have to get a new one and soon. Next month the Palm Pre comes out. Ive already mentally prepared myself for it so naturally I have to get it.

One of my resolutions...still haven't forgotten...was to to take a trip. Long story short Vegas here I come. Ive been hearing so many things like the do's and don'ts. How to get in vs where to get in. All of which I will forget in five doubt.

I ran into a wall a few days ago and I didn't notice I was 'hurt' until hours later. Now all of a sudden I have limited mobility in my hand. Is it just me or does nothing seem to hurt until you actually notice it?

I have been seeing more of Lover David. He is not how he used to be. It scares me. I don't know how to approach the subject yet, for fear of it having something to do with what he left behind years ago. He told me it wouldn't last forever, his sobriety, but I didn't think time would be up so soon. I always expect the worst.

Today is my cousins 19th birthday. Ahh to be young again. Sometimes I wish I could start over. I would do so many things differently.

Ive told 6'3'' of my fantasies. He asked. I was actually surprised that he asked. We've not broken the barrier of the sex talk yet. Anyways one of my fantasies takes place in a theatre (again). When we met up it was to see a movie. His response, "You know we were just in a theatre?" He shouldn't have said that. Now whats to stop me next time I see him?

The movie I cannot wait to see.

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