Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Random Crap.

Today I went to my sisters senior presentation. No one came save for me and our mother. I felt bad. On top of that she didn't get very good reviews. When the six...yes six teachers were giving their thoughts about her performance I wanted to stand up for her. She tried hard. She worked hard and now she'll have to do it over. Its not easy standing up in front of six teachers for twenty minutes watching them take notes on every little thing. It was like American Idol with a bunch of Simons. I think she did really well...and I'm not just saying that. To be fair I will say that she did get a few good comments, all of which were quickly followed by, 'but...'. She cried at the end. I know for a fact she did better than I would have done and I hope she will do better next time around.

Speaking of Idol, I love love love Adam Lambert. He is a fox. I dig his style.

I haven't been reading very many blogs or books as of late. That will change soon.

I need to start hanging out a little less with some of the people I know. They are starting to bug me. I need change. Some of them are sooo set in their ways and I don't get why a person wouldn't want to get out, experience life and try new things. Its weird. I'm surrounded by squares.

I figured out that the more someone else wants something the less it appeals to me.

I still haven't gotten the haircut I wanted. Saturday I will. If it sucks, it'll grow back. Oh well.

6'3 told me that the smell of rain turns him on. If I didn't like him before I most certainly like him now. He is something different. I like it.

I went to see The Soloist. I don't know if it was me being restless or if it was really two hours long, but it didn't seem like it was ever going to end. On the bright side the guys were great.

IHOP is gross.

How I feel towards relationships is a slug. (Sorry CMJ)

No matter how hard I try I'm afraid I'll never remember what happened Saturday night.

...Good times.

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WordSnMotioN21 said...

First thing I loathe your new background i shouldn't have to squint as I am already getting old. Second aw poor Jae I woulda been there rooting for her and punching all those teachers in the face. Third who do you need to cut out life and who's stuck in their ways? And last but DEFINITELY not least....I do not appreciate the slug comment. I know you coulda found a better word. I almost closed out of your blog completely after reading that.