Friday, April 24, 2009


They say when something in your life is stressing you out or just simply bothering you, you evaluate everything and delete the stressor. Well here's to evaluating...

1 Weather.
-This my biggest stress. I absolutely loath blazing heat. It puts me in a bad mood. Enough said.

2 School.
-What can I say about school. Its slowly sucking the life out of me. It seems like there is always something due. Is dominating my thoughts, which I guess is probably a good thing. If not school its something else entirely. In other words, school is getting me down. I wont delete it from my life. I understand fully the importance of it, but shit.

3 Tony Gonzales.
-I know this is a weird thing to be stressing about, but I am and its a fairly new development as it were. I just heard yesterday that the Chiefs traded him to the Falcons. Moment of silence........ I want to take this time out to I feel blindsided, really wasn't expecting that one. I can no longer support Tony since hes working for the enemy now.

4 Bills.
-Not much needs to be said here. We all know the feeling. Its just one after the other after the other. Then next thing you know its a new month....does it ever end?...Don't answer that.

5 The Flight.
-I'm not scared of flying, for Ive flown before. I'm worried for the three hours I will be without checking my emails. I am addicted to emailing. Its my favourite thing to do. Text messaging ranks next....yes I'm one of those people. At least I'll have my music.

6 Lover.
-When I'm back from Vegas we will be over. Ive decided that in this moment. Nothing good can come of us...not counting the amazing sex we have. I will miss his strong body against mine. I'll miss how effortlessly he carried me to every surface in his apartment. I will miss how he made sure I came more than twice, every time he touched me. He was a good ride...literally. I don't want it to seem like all we did was have sex. We were friends first for about a year or so, know how that goes. I honestly believe that he is a good man and he means well, he just is not yet ready for what he wants. the words of CMJ...moving on.

7 Work.
-I hate it. I hate doing it. I hate thinking about it. I hate the atmosphere. I hate the routine. I hate the people...not all just some.


WordSnMotioN21 said...

Lolol you used a throwback. "Moving On" is classic. Another quote to go on my tombstone lol

Confessor X said...

Im sorry for all the stressors...Vegas should help clear all that up...have fun sweetie!!!

dirty girl said...

ya, unfortunately most stressors can't be "deleted". we can only try to cope with them,to manage the stress, and attempt to improve our situation