Tuesday, April 28, 2009

TMI #184

1. Have you ever had angry sex?
Oh yes and it is the best. Ten stars. I recommend it.

2. Pity sex?

3. "Oh well, I might as well" sex?
The first two times with Lover. He was there, we were alone. I could see through his jeans and he asked. So why not?

4. One-of-you-knew-it-was-goodbye-and-the-other-didn't sex?
Yes. That was an awkward after moment.

5. Don't-remember-having-it sex?
Nope...Not yet. Did I mention I was going to Vegas??

6. Regret-it-afterward sex?
Yes. Moving right along.

7. Can't-remember-his/her-name sex?
No, but like I said...Vegas.

8. Never-knew-his/her-name sex?
Ha. Nope.

Bonus: What was the worst single sexual experience of your life?
Worst?...probably the time with the 39 year old...horrible!

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Amorous Rocker said...

Lol, love your answer for #1.