Wednesday, April 29, 2009

WW #53.

Questions by: Another Suburban Mom

1. Is there a particular smell that turns you on? If so what is it?
Silver cologne for that stuff.

2. Have you ever tried or considered trying a Master Cleanse type method to lose weight?

3. When you browsing a book store for reading material, do you find yourself checking out a book solely based on the cover design?
All the time. I cant read every cover in the store, so I pick out the interesting looking books and go from there.

4. Which 80's trend were you least happy to see come back this year; big shoulder pads or neon?
I cant say that I have seen either of those looks come back.

5. How long do you think could you disappear for until someone would notice your absence and start looking for you?
I don't think it would take very long...half a day maybe, but people are so wrapped up in themselves who knows?

6. Have you ever walked out of a movie and asked for your money back? Which movie(s) and why?
No, but I walked out of Semi Pro. That movie was HORRIBLE.

7. Have you ever changed your plans because of something you read in your horoscope?
I don't read my horoscope. Its not something that is important to me....Don't ask what is.


WordSnMotioN21 said...

Half a day is right I know ENW would be on it and calling in reinforcements.

Amorous Rocker said...

Reading all the answers for this one has made me curious about a lot of cologne scents, lol.