Saturday, June 20, 2009

Khaki. WTF.

About two months ago my job switched to a dress code. We went from being able to wear whatever we wanted (business casual) to only being able to wear Black, White and Khaki/Beige.

No big deal. I have black and white. Its cool.

This just in...

Taking effect in about a month or so we are getting a newer dress code, which enables us only to wear Black Polo's and Khaki/Beige pants. I don't give two shits about the dress code or why we have it. Ive had jobs in the past where dress code was problem is simply that I don't own Khaki/Beige and I do not want to go out shopping for pants that color.

I don't even think they make pants that color in the size I need. I have a hard enough time buying jeans. (long legs small waist) The last time I had to buy Khaki pants they were cargo from the men's section.


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