Monday, June 15, 2009

Pointless Bar Story. Missed Connection.

I went to a new bar/restaurant last night. Not really new, Ive just never been there after hours before.

There was a live band. They were young...not legal to drink...their parents were there with them, which was a little weird but okay. Aside from that and them being completely adorable, they were a good cover band. I couldn't tell if the singer was actually talented, but I will say that he was good at imitating...Too much idol, I know.

A mini fight broke out over a table. Apparently 'Faggot' stole 'Mother Fuckers' table while 'Mother Fucker' was in the restroom. 'Faggot' said that he didn't see 'Mother Fuckers' name on it. Boys will be boys.

There was a drunk man at the bar. He tried to order another drink. The bartender cut him off. They man says, "I'm not drunk am I?!!" He was shouting....for no reason. The bartender says, "You're okay man. Drink some water."

The bartender walks away. The next thing I notice is the drunk man coming my way in top drunken speed...He sat next to me. Uh oh.

Everything he said was on on speaker phone. It was funny, I couldn't help but smile. Drunk people amuse me. Not all just some. I learned that his name was Sam and that he lived nearby. The rest was slurred.

A few minutes into our 'conversation' a different bartender told him to leave, which wasn't an easy task, as he had to be asked several times. He caused a scene and it looked as if I had a leading role in it.

Seconds after he left I felt a hand on my shoulder. First thought: Sam's back and he's getting physical. Fight or Flight....Fight it is.

I turned around. That hand belonged to a sexy, sexy man. He had short dark hair and he was well over six foot. He also had at least eight piercings in his face...probably more. I was too busy being in awe of his sexiness to do an accurate count.

He said, "I saw you smiling. What was that guy saying to you?"

We had a brief conversation. I never got his name.

Damn. Damn. Damn.

Missed Connection anyone?

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